Sebana Cove to Natuna Part 3

Sunday June 2

We were a bit restless due to lack of exercise so we thought we could do some hill repeats up to the nearby abandoned resort. Unfortunately the track was overgrown and soft clay so that didn’t work out. Very friendly locals ashore but they didn’t speak a word of English so we soon back on board and heading off to Moon Rock, one of our favourite anchorages in Anambas. The weather was cool, overcast and windy. We were advised it was all part of a Monsoon Surge which lasts around 5 days.

We enjoyed a couple of days here climbing the rock and visiting the new eco resort. This resort is a bit controversial within the yachting community as it was rumoured that they were trying to close the lagoon off to visiting yachts.



We went ashore and met Roman, the resort owner and had a long chat with him and his 2 beautiful young daughters. Some of their ideas, like eating only raw uncooked food gathered from the island and lagoon, were a bit weird but overall Roman seemed ok and had no problem with visiting yachts. We believe his wife, away at the time we visited is a bit more fanatical and wacky. We can’t help thinking it’s a lonely, isolated life for the 2 young girls.

The buildings were interesting, all constructed from bamboo.


Pulling the anchor up to head to Pengjalan Beach proved a slight problem as the winch controller failed to work. We pulled the controller apart and found all ok but a microswitch on the circuit board was not working. Fortunately we have winch controls at the helm station as well. Noted to order new microswitches when back in internet range.


Wednesday June 5

Moon Rock was a bit crowded so we headed over to Pengjalan. Our bites and stings were settling but we were advised that stingers were in the water here as well. However, we were still keen to explore and snorkel the surrounding islets.


We also did some beach runs and swims. Drinks on the beach and generally relaxed. Esoterica, Kittani, Umbra Luna, Ill Sogno, Sharman and Beau Soleil.


Thursday June 6.

Lea’s 50th Birthday. Not much in the way of celebration today as we prepared for an overnight passage to Natuna. I did make her a nice breakfast though. Kerryn had baked a lovely birthday cake which we enjoyed with coffee aboard Esoterica. Umbra Luna had finally caught up with us after being trapped in Terengganu behind the new swing bridge for a month. Dale was having alternator charging issues so I went over to help while Lea went off snorkelling with Mari-ann off Kittani.


The weather for the night passage was supposed to be a nice southerly breeze giving us a beam reach. We left at 1600 on a glassy ocean and did not have a breath of wind for the next 14 hours. Stunning clear night with lots of stars and a waxing crescent moon.

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