Jamaja Festival 2018

Wednesday July 25


We left Ayam Island early so we could get the anchor up before the breeze started. No problems using the spinnaker halyard and the electric main halyard winch to lift the chain about 3-4 metres at a time. We motored though the gap between the Islands with no problem and a minimum depth of 3.6m. At Jamaja beach we selected a spot close in to the action.


First thing was to access the internet so we walked up to the school. The kids were back  and on a break so we were inundated with smiling faces and “hello misters”. I downloaded our emails and grib files while Lea entertained the kids with the iPad. They loved our photos especially those of Terempa. The photo of the turtle eggs at the market created a stir and the photo of the big hospital ship caused some cheering. There was a bit of argie bargie as the kids pushing close to Lea to get a better look.


One little girl ended up lying across Leas knees, eyes riveted to the screen. Lea became aware that there were probably too many bikini shots popping up so later she prepared an edited photo file with the addition of pictures of Australia and its wildlife.


Thursday July 26

Jamaja Festival Day 1

Our morning walk to the school for internet soon resulted in a throng of kids around Lea. Prepared this time with more culturally appropriate photos she quizzed the kids on Kangaroo’s and the like. She was soon buried in kids again. At no stage did any teachers come over to enquire what we were showing the kids. The trust was refreshing and we hope it doesn’t get abused. The 10th boat arrived during the morning making it 8 Australian, 1 from USA and 1 Malaysian registered yacht recently bought by an Austrian couple.

Gemini Lady


Psycho Puss

Wishful Thinking – Mick and Ginny

Ariel – Brian and Lyn

Osbourne Star – Paul and Sue

Zoa – Mick and Janis

Amulet  – Chris and Nancy – USA

Willow – Geoff and Gwenda

Wirraway -  Gary and Bev

Xtrastatigy – Reinhardt and Marika – Austria


We were all given free polo shirts and the opening ceremony was at 1600.

The usual speeches from a variety of dignitaries followed by Cultural dances and singing. A nice meal of traditional foods was served. Then the band played on into the evening.

Day 2

Early morning walk over to Letong about 4km away. The little market didnt have much but we managed to find enough fruit and vegies to see us through. Morning coffee with Mick and Ginny off Wishful Thinking. It was a good catch up with nice people we hadn’t seen since Sabang in December 2017.


Today there was a traditional dance competition between 8 different groups. The costumes were wonderful.




We had dinner ashore from the local store holders including roti, bbq fish, stuffed squid and satay sticks.


After dinner the dancing continued. Later we were invited to a beach bonfire and we were served warm beer and more food.

Day 3

This was the big day with Canoe Racing and Gong Gong (like Pippies) diving.


We all had a go at the canoe racing which was a lot of fun. I got close but couldn’t beat the locals

Lea and Sue entered the Gong Gong diving competition and did really well.



However, their haul was again no match for the locals.

The girls then tried their hand at bowl dancing.


While the boys acquitted themselves well in a soccer match against the locals. Our game was cut short because some dignitary wanted phots with us.


It was a great day with lots of laughs and new friends.


We had a wonderful time. Thank you to all the beautiful people of Jamaja who made us feel so welcome.

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