Swayambhunath Temple

Sunday May 27

Started the day by moving accomodation down the the road to Dragon Inn as our current hotel had no room for us. All good as Dragon was half the price. Nima joined us and we taxied across town to pick up my medical records and our laundry.  Then off to Swayambhunath Temple or Monkey Temple, high above and overlooking the sprawling city of Kathmandu. Not too many monkeys about but lots of Stupas and Religious symbols. Many of the buildings look very old and delicate and have done well to survive. We explored the hill top area and enjoyed a good lunch.

On the way back to our hotel we stopped off at Secret Garden an oasis of beauty and reflection on the outskirts of the city. We can’t remember the history of it but it is very well looked after and popular with the locals.

Nima had invited us to his home for dinner and arranged a taxi to pick us up. We did another lap of the Bodhnath Stupa looking for a suitable gift for Nima’ wife Asha. We settled on a Cashmere Scarf and 1kg of plums. It was a long bumpy, dusty drive to Nima’s place on the city outskirts near the Sundarijal NP. 
We enjoyed a lovely evening with great hospitality and a delicious meal prepared by Asha.Their home is very modest, a large single room dominated by a large queen size bed but perfectly functional.  The bathroom is shared with the 3 other rooms on the floor. Asha was lovely and the baby grumpy. A tradition here is to highlight the baby’s eyes with black Kohl (like Mascara). Unfortunately our photos didn’t turn out very well. We shared a few beers with dinner. Another tradition is for the wife not to eat with the guests.  We felt honoured to be bought into their home and enjoyed the evening.

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