Saturday May 26

Today Nima is not available as he is attending the funeral of a friend killed in a fall on Everest. We decided to walk to Pema’s house. I had planned to do a bit of handyman stuff around her house but she adamantly refused and put it off until Jon was back. We relaxed on her cool patio and read up about the surrounds f Kathmandu in the Lonely Planet Guide. Pema made Momo’s for lunch. Then we took a taxi to the ancient city of Patan. The city of Fine Arts
We tried to do a self guided tour but immediately got lost.

We managed to find many old temples and shrines nestled in between buildings. 

So many ancient buildings in various states of disrepair and repair much related to the 2015 earthquake. We paid to enter the Buddhist Golden Temple (Kwa Bahal). Pema was thrilled as she had never been here before. It was pretty spectacular and a guide filled us in on some of the history and story’s.

We finally found Dunbar Square and were blown away by the magnificent architecture of the Temples, Royal Palace, Water Conduits, Statues and Baths.

Amazing detail carved into timber lintels, window frames and buttresses. Superb stone carvings being carefully restored.

We wandered around in awe for ages and could have spent more time here but we were getting tired and dusty so headed back to our hotel. Pema left and made her way home. We enjoyed s beer at a rooftop cafe watching the pilgrims doing their clockwise walk around the Stupa.

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