Everest Base Camp Part 3

Sorry the order of posts is out but Blodpad Pro keeps wipeing out my offline posts. If anyone knows of anothe program that is better please let me know. I really miss Blogsy.

Day 3 Namche Bazaar 3440m. to Khumjung 3780m.
An easy day today with a 300m gain in altitude and a 3 hour walk. The clouds were low and the town was fogged in. It was very cold and the forecast was for rain and snow. We planned a light breakfast then headed down to a German Bakery we had found yesterday. Herman’s Bakery had it all, warmth from the ovens, free wifi and charging, excellent coffee fresh cinnamon rolls even clean western toilets with paper. Our trek today was off the “Everest Highway” up to Pema’s home town of Khumjung. She was in fine form happily chatting to all the people we saw who all seemed to know her. Incredibly we ran into Pema’s older brother bringinh his zopkio (half buffalo, half cow) home.

The rain held off and we only had a damp mist. 

We were soon looking down on Khumjung a pretty town of stone houses all white and grey with green metal roofs. No trees as all the paddocks were bordered by drystone walls for potato growing.

After entering the village the first building we pass was the Sir Edmund Hillary School, still regarded as one of the best in Nepal. We stopped for tea at Pema’s sister in laws Guesthouse and enjoyed the hospitality for an hour or so. 

Then on past Pema’s house to our close by Guesthouse. We lashed out here and had a room with an attached bathroom and shower.

A lovely lunch after nice hot showers then huddled around the pot belly stove fueled by dry Yak dung. Sue dried her washing.

Later we head around to Pema’s house. Half is rented out to families who have their kids at the school. The children were waiting to greet us and were very polite but curious to see the foreigners.

Pressure cookers of all sizes were in the kitchen. It was the first house in the town to have a chimney. 

The main room was lovely inside with shelves of pots and pans and cupboards full of blankets and linen.

Relatives and friends were on hand to help with dinner. Even Dortje our porter proved very handy at rolling out the pastry.

Family photos lined the walls.  We were treated as Guests of honour which meant we were shooed out of the kitchen. Pema found a bottle of rice wine she had made 6 months before. It was very good. It was a fabulous meal and very special as we would not have this experience on a regular trek. Were were politely sent home after dinner led back by 2 of the children as guides. Then the others were free to enjoy their meal and relax. Would have been nice to share the meal all together but that was not the way they do things here.

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