Everest Base Camp Part 8

Day 8 Labouche 4910 to Gorak Shep 5180 and Everest Base Camp 5364m.

A very cold night and people were up and about from 0500. We got going early and had finished breakfast and were on our way by 0730. Jon was left to catch us up most days now. Everything costs up here. Even the honey for the french toast was an extra 50RPH.
The sun was out and the mountains clearing and getting clearer by the minute. Lea walked behind with Pema and Sue getting a run down on which mountains were which. Have to say I didn’t really care, I was just happy to walking amongst them. Every which way you looked was just stunning.

We climbed up and over Laborche Pass then dropped down again to Gorak Shep.

We got to Gorak Shep which literally means dead bird or dead crow by 1000 and ordered some soup to keep us going. This is a very desolate outpost without any foliage whatsover. It was also in drought and all water had to be carried in from nearby springs by bucket. Pema said the valley used to be full of native pheasants but the local dogs have decimated them.

We were back on the trail by 1100. It was longer than we expected and we had to climb high along the moraine ridge of the Khumbu Glacier. Again the views were stunning.

Our first glimpse of EBC in the distance.

While some parties were still climbing many were packing up for the season and transporting all their gear back down the valley.

Finally we were right above EBC. which sits on the corner of the glacier.

We took the path down from the moraine ridge to the official finishing point. We made it! 
Trekkers aren’t allowed to enter the camping area which is fair enough.

If you look closely at the picture below you can just make out a lone climber at the top of the Khumbu Ice Fall the first big obstacle for an ascent of Everest. The scale is hard to comprehend.

Ice pinnacles were another phenomena we had never seen before.

We got glimpses of the Mt Everest Summit but it wasn’t a stand out.

The walk back  was long and tiring and our guesthouse was a welcome sight. 

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