Annapurna Base Camp Part 6

Day 10 Ghandruk 1940m. to Nayapul 1070m.

Last day and supposed to be a short hike out to the bus pick up. We all stopped at the nearby German Bakery for coffee and apple strudel before setting off. 

Lea found she had left her bikini top back at Chhomrong and Chris had left his Laptop Power Supply behind. Nima made a few phone calls, located the missing items and arranged delivery and a rendezvous. Great work!
Not long into the walk we found a bus local bus as far up as the newly built road would take him. Scy, Pema, Sue and the Porters elected to take the bus down to Nayapul. The rest of us kept walking enjoying another sunny day. More stairs down through the steep valley with traditional houses and terraced farms.

At river level we continued along the bank past nice little guesthouses. Lots of tropical plants too with banana trees, poinsettias in colourful displays and lots of others. Nima waited at Syauli Bazar for our returning items while we all pressed on. 

Lea and I stopped at Lamaket for a cuppa. From there we followed the quiet road along the riverside to Birethan where we were pulledup for a Permit Check. Nima had our permits but they checked our passports on their computer system and all was good. seemed like forever to get to Nayapul but suddenly we were there. Just in time for lunch. Nima caught up with our goods and at 1400 we were in the bus heading back to Pokhara. Our driver took the scenic route via Sarangkot with views over the lake and city.

Back at Hotel Diplomat we checked in said goodbye and tipped our Porters, handed over our laundry and headed into town for a few beers and a steak dinner with wine. Luxury!

A fabulous experience!

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