Annapurna Base Camp Part 5

Day 8 Bamboo 2310 to Chhomrong 2170m.

Best sleep ever here at Budha Guest House, Bamboo. Clean linen, carpet on the floor, room with a view, a hot shower, good food and losing nearly 2000m of altitude all helped.
Lots of steps again today both up and down. We noticed lots of new growth on the trees and fresh red rhododendrons were prolific. 
Another gorgeous day with the mountains clear behind us.

Good use of airspace. Wonder if he had council approval?

I had to try our porters load. Headstrap is actually quite comfortable. Glad to have the rucksack to help stabilise the load though.

A persistent haze was over Ama Dablam

The long steep steps up to Chhomrong was the toughest part of the trek so far. We were looking forward to coffee, lunch and cakes at the German Bakery but we got no service so left and went else where.  Got to our hotel just before the afternoon storm arrived.

Day 9 Chhomrong 21760m. to Ghandruk 1940m.

Lots of steps again today even though start and finish altitudes were not much different. A bit of haze about but overall another lovely day. At Taulung we turned right onto a path less travelled and headed down the very steep valley to Kimrongkholagraan at 1800m.

We stopped here at the delightful guesthouse for a cuppa.

 Lots of farming and terraces of corn  as we walked down. The bridge across the Kimrong Khola was in poor condition with many boards broken or missing.

The steep climb to follow was gruelling with lots of switchbacks, steps and mule poop to avoid. Fortunately it was mostly in the shade of large trees.

Lea, Jon and I arrived at Komrong at the top 2250m. by 1130 so we decided to keep going the extra hour onto Ghandruk. The path opened up and we were soon overlooking the old town of Ghangruk with its narrow streets linked by stairways and paved roads.

Our hotel was on the far side and seemed to take forever to get too. We ordered a late lunch and squeezed in a quick shower before it was served. The others arrived an hour later. Sue and Pema still had energy to burn so we visited the Old Gurung Museum.


Here Pema explained the use and traditions of the artefacts there

As it was our last night on the road we shouted Nima and the Porters beer and pizza. 

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