Annapurna Base Camp Part 4

Day 7 ABC 4130m. to Bamboo 2310m.

We set the alarm for 0620 but people were up and about early around 0500 so we joined them. The sky was clear, the mountains magnificent. We were surrounded by snow capped peaks looming high above us. Lots of general excitement to have such a glorious morning. We had met trekkers heading down who spent 2 days up here and never even saw the mountains.

We watched the sun slowly lighting up the valley then touch the peak of Annapurna.

It was hard to stop taking pictures but eventually we headed down for breakfast. The frost had melted on the outdoor furniture  as we fitered our water for the day. By 0750 we were under way for the long decent back to Bamboo. Sunshine and cloud free views stayed with us all morning.

We had a coffee break at Deurali, lunch at Himalaya and finally got to Bamboo just before the clouds and rain came in. A nice hot shower was thoroughly enjoyed and chicken was back on the menu to complete a perfect day.
These cheeky monkeys were up to no good as we approached Bamboo.

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