Annapurna Base Camp Part 3

Day 6

MBC 3700m. to ABC 4130m.

The morning was clear with spectacular views all around. Clouds came and went but overall the scenery was stunning. 

The Momo’s got a rave review last night so Lea ordered them for breakfast. They are like steamed dumplings but with a hot chilli sauce.

We decided to make the best of the weather and got going. A few familiar faces returning from ABC had grins a mile wide. The dawn at ABC had been spectacular.

We arrived at ABC 90 minutes later as the clouds began to roll in. We saw 3 choppers and 1 fixed wing aircraft during the walk taking advantage of the clear skies for sightseeing. At Paradise lodge we settled in our room. The locals were busy washing laundry in bare feet and with bare hands. It was freezing! After socialising and lunch we took the first break in the weather to explore further. 

We headed out to the moraine ridge behind the Guesthouses. Passed monuments to climbers who never left the mountain. Annapurna is no longer climbed as it is so dangerous. 

The moraine ridge overlooked the South Annapurna Glacier. The ice wall was a long way back and the valley looked more like a quarry or open cut mine. Not the imagined, pristine image of a blue ice wall.

The ridge was undercut so we kept well back from the edge. 

Directly below us was a glacier lake.

We had a couple of local dogs keep us company as we walked up the ridge to the snowline. We reckoned we had done another 100m altitude so our record to date was about 4200m.

Back at the Guesthouse we joined the others for a relaxing afternoon, keeping warm.

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