Back to Malaysia

Monday April 16

A very peaceful night and our last packet of Australian Bacon for a bacon and egg breakfast. Horrible sweetened bread but better than nothing. Waiting for the current and left as soon as the boats began to swing. Wind on the nose again and a bit of a wind against tide chop. Called Lea’s dad for his birthday. Too rough and choppy to do the Equator thing as we crossed again, now for the 3rd time. Highlight of the day was our last Pork Roast. BBQ’d and shared with Psycho Puss at anchor on the Southern side of Mesanak Island.
Tuesday April 17
As we had motored more than expected on this leg Psycho Puss was a little short of fuel so we headed into the Port town of Tanjung Pinang. Again we delayed our departure to catch the tide. Squalls were out to the NE and eventually a big one pushed breeze our way and we had a good beat up the channel. The squall then decided to sit right on top of Tanjug Pinang so we kept sailing North into the lee of the historic Penyangat Island and anchored in 5m near the SW corner of the Island. Another calm peacefull night apart from the odd rock from a ferry wake. 
Wednesday April 18
The Island shoreline was rough, rocky and shallow so we used the long jetty nearby and tied off the dinghy. Heather and Rod had taken their dinghy into town for cash and fuel. A large Custom House was at the shore end of the jetty and we wandered about looking at displays of traditional costumes. They must put on displays of traditional dance here for tourists at times. 

As we left the building a Tuk Tuk pulled up and offered us a tour of the Island. The driver spoke virtually no English but we managed and he took us around all the major sites. Most of these are tombs to various significant people in the areas history. 
The island was a place of a major battle between the Dutch and the locals. A mighty battle on the water took place and the Dutch were defeated. The significant tombs are of the local victors and scholars who are still highly revered. The tombs are still well tended and looked after.
First we went past the local villagers houses on stilts over the water.

Next was an old Colonial Dutch house, still in good condition.

Including outdoor well and bathroom.

Our little Tuk Tuk was cute but a little cramped.

Next were a series of tombs

All the headstones are wrapped in yellow cloths.

This was the main Arsenal on the Island for the storage of gunpowder.

We were expecting to see the remains of the old gun emplacements we had read about but were disappointed. There was a bit of confusion when our driver dropped us off at the Ferry Terminal on the NE side of the Island. We expected to be driven back to the Custom House. We ended up with 3 people in the discussion but in the end we gave up, paid our driver and walked back to the Custom House. I had been looking at Satellite images of the Island and thought I knew where the old fort was so we took a detour. We found the huge concrete ruined foundations of a large structure on top of the Western Hill but very little remained to identify the place and no old guns remained. 
Heather and Rod arrived back after a successful mission so we prepared to depart on the last leg of our trip to Nongsa Point Marina.
A good NE’ly breeze was blowing as we headed 12Nm WNW back into the channel. Then we turned north again. Close hauled against the current we kept 1 motor on to keep driving forward as we pinched up the western side of the channel. We put in 1 tack to the Eastern side and then managed to sail the rest of the way to Nongsa. We were pushing a 2 knot current during the first half of the flood tide. 
We had thought about anchoring off for the night as Nongsa Point Marina is quite expensive but with 15knot NE’ly still blowing and a choppy sea we went straight into the marina. Lea immediately washed the boat before hitting the pool. Handed our paperwork over for clearance out of Indonesia. Have to say Nongsa Point is a lovely Marina and Resort. Nice meals at the restaurant too.

Thursday April 19

An early morning run through the Resort and the neighbouring village for Lea and Tura Resort for me was very pleasant. Have to get back in training now for Nepal. Heather and Lea commandeered the Laundry for the day and got lots of washing done. A day of cleaning swimming and blogging. Combined dinner with Rod and Heather. Roast chicken and Roast Lamb cooked on Psycho Puss and enjoyed on Gemini Lady. Our passports and papers all came back so we settled our account for an early departure tomorrow. 3.2M ($320AUD) for 2 nights berthing, 1 meal, Clearance, power and water. At least they didn’t hit us with the 50% loading on the berthing fee for a catamaran.  Great sleep with the Aircon on. 

Friday April 20

Dawn run around the golf course and off by 0800 into the thick of the Singapore Strait. AIS made the job easy. We ran hard to get accross in front of one ship an then had an easy time across the next lane through a big gap in the shipping. All good until 1 ship decides to keep turning toward us. Tried to call him on the radio but he didn’t answer. Prick!

Clearing into Malaysia at Tanjung Pengelih was easy once we found the relevant offices. We stayed anchored there for the night and enjoyed another scratch meal together on Psycho Puss. Shepherds pie and Roast Pork Belly. We do do it hard!

Nearly 3 months of cruising with these guys and its been great. Will catch up with them again hopefully in Anambas.

Saturday April 21

As soon as the tide started to flood around 0830 we up anchored and waved our goodbyes to Psycho Puss. We were heading East up to Sebana Cove while they were heading West to Sennibong. 
6 Nm up the river and we were soon settled into Sebana Cove Marina. 
We had covered nearly 2500Nm,  done 300 hours on the motors and had a great time.

Work to do now is prepare to leave the boat, pack for Nepal and research new sails.
The sails issue is a complex one but we have narrowed the choice down to 3 options. 
1. Dimension Polyant SXI cruising laminate. Tri radial construction. Main problem is mould and delaminiation but much better than existing Quantum Fusion M Carbon Technora Membrane Sails
2. Dimension Polyant Hydranet Radial. Tri Radial construction. Best of the woven fabrics but will still stretch a bit.  Expensive!
3. The 3rd option we have only just learnt about North Sails Nordac 3DI. Could offer the best solution but quote not in yet.

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