Recap 2 Back to Aus

We spent 5 months back in Australia struggling with the Victorian winter. It was the first winter we done in 4 years and it wasn’t endearing. I worked a full month up until Easter. Lea and I then spent 6 weeks painting the outside of the house. We had all the water damage to the eaves and front doors fixed and the place looks immaculate. 

Lots of cycling and time with friends. I flew over to New Cal to spend some time with Gerry on Aqualibrium. It was great to revisit places from our 2013 trip there.

Gerry is having a ball and right into the hunting and gathering side of cruising life. We had a great 10 days together. The weather didn’t let us wander off too far but we did get some great sailing and enjoyed a couple of good reds with big steaks. 

It was great to see the resident caretaker of Illot Casey, Moose, still in good health.

Back in Aus in early July we did a 3 week road trip heading North and visiting friends and family along the way. 

Greg and Janie have new power boat so we helped them with them change over and had a ball as usual.

Caught up with Annelise at Tamworth and enjoyed some good walking.

 It was soon time to get home and get organised for our return to Gemini Lady in Pangkor, Malaysia.


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