Claire and Stephen

Friday January 6

Grey and rainy with no improvement in the weather forecast. Rain stopped so we had our village breakfast and tour.

Then off on the last of the ebb to Koh Phanak. Our first Hong was through the 200m cave. I think Claire looks a bit worried.

All went well on the paddleboards and we managed to get into the second Hong as the tide height was perfect. Then around to the sand cave on the NE of Koh Phanak.

We also explored the other cave nearby.

Then on to Koh Hong and our favourite mooring again for another roast dinner.

Saturday Jamuary 7
Rain, rain, rain. We had a great sail from the top of Koh Hong, SE towards the north of Koh Yao Noi. We past the besutiful Koh Kuda Yai where a catamaran can anchor inside the secluded Hong. Each year the Indie film festival is held inside the Hong on a specially errected big screen.
The rain and wind continued as we tucked up on the southern side of Koh Hong Krabbi. Plenty of people about and we went ashore for a very average lunch. The beach would be stunning in sunny weather. The wind swung around to the SE pushing up an uncomfortable swell so we headed back to the north side of the island.
Through a narrow cleft we could enter a large lagoon on the SUP's after the crowds and Longtails had departed.
Sunday January 8
More rain and it wasnt letting up. We got an early start and sailed under screecher to Chicken Island. Despite the weather boatloads of tourists were being deposited on the sandspit. Snorkelling didn't appeal and I wanted to catch the last of the ebb down to Phi Phi Don so after a quick look around the corner at the Chicken Head we moved on.


It was a good plan as the wind began to pick up from the north together with the swell and driving rain. We had good fast run under Screecher. Changed down to Genoa as gusts reached 25 knots. The weather took us by surprise as it is the worst we have had in 2 years. We gybed to go down the the east coast of Phi Phi Don then round up into the Bay. We needed googles to see anything in the driving rain that stung like needles. The wind was funnelling down through the isthmus and gusting to 38 knots. Visibility was minimal as we made our way to the west side of the Bay though lots of boats, most anchored and swinging wildly but some were moving about and the fishing fleet was in its way in. Lea and Stephen were on lookout. We found a good spot near the west cliffs and reef, well south of the head of the bay. It gave us a little protection from the wind and rain and was relatively calm. We dropped anchor in 18m and put out 80m. Just behind Pedro 3 as it turned out. Lunch and a nice cup of tea were very welcome. The storm had blown itself out by evening.

Monday January 9

A calm night but the gas detector went off in the early hours. Lea heard it first and gave me an elbow in the side as a wake up to check the problem. I couldn't smell any gas and the supply solenoid had been closed for hours. I figured it must be the sensor head so tried a new one with the same result. Detector unit must have failed. Went back to bed planning to hard wire the solenoid switch in the morning.

Hardwired the gas solenoid so we enjoy our morning cuppa with breakfast. I had found that we had a brand new sensor line in stock so I wired that in as a test and all worked perfectly. Relief! So I then pulled out the old sensor line and found it had apparently chaffed through in 2 places. Didn't really make sense but the internal wires were exposed and one broken. Running the new cable proved difficult and I lost patience and called in Lea's smaller hands and calmer temperament. Eventually all was installed and working fine but a questionmark about the chaffing stuck in my head.

Maintainence completed we headed ashore stopping at Pedro 3 to say “hello”. They had a boatfull of guests and were heading back to Boat Lagoon. A heavy downpour was a good excuse for a coffee and doughnut before the obligatory ascent to View Point.

After an average lunch Claire, Lea and I enjoyed a Thai massage while Stephen roamed the streets, exploring. We had tried to arrange a Longtail to take Claire and Stephen for a trip around Phi Phi Le, but were informed that all boats were cancelled due to the large swell still running that made Maya Bay dangerous.

Cocktails at Caio Bella then collected some takeaway from local vendors from the non touristy part of town. Some of the best Thai food we've had.
Monday January 10
The sun was back and skies were clear. Lea and Stephen went for an open water swim but there were a few stingers about.
Bacon and eggs for breakfast and a discussion about getting back to Phuket. The sea state was still untidy and with no wind it would be a very uncomfortable 5 hour trip. We decided to do a tourist loop around Phi Phi Le then put Claire and Stephen on a ferry to get back to the mainland.
We did our circuit of Phi Phi Le and found a big swell still running into Maya Bay. We just missed out on a mooring in the SW grotto but surge was clouding the water so it wasnt worth a snorkel anyway.

Back At Phi Phi Don we picked up a mooring close to shore and Stephen went off to book a ferry. No problem so we got them and their bags ashore. Lea and I went off to anchor up further out then we joined up ashore for a final lunch at Anna's Restaurant. This was recommeded by Trip advisor and the food was excellent.

Said goodbye as they left to board the 2 pm ferry to Phuket ready to commence 7 days of detox at a health farm on the beach at Rawi. It had been a great few days despite the lousy weather.


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