Home for little while

Monday October 3

Back on the boat finalising jobs. Up at all hours trying to update charts and software using the generous night allowance of internet data. The service is still not stable enough to allow successful download of very large files though.

By Thursday we were ready to go and our driver, Simon, picked us up at 1030. Malindo Air didn't impress us much at check in but we found out that computers had crashed and staff were doing the check ins via their own mobile phones. After that all went well. A short stop in KL for a meal then on to Bali.

Danni had arranged a driver to pick us up and he was there waiting for us. The roads were terrible and crowded but eventually we turned down this seedy looking dirt track driveway with a tiny sign ” Jungalow Villa”.

It was the right place and we were greeted by Danni and James. Soon got hold little Miss Bailiee before we all headed off to bed.

We had a great few days relaxing and being grandparents. The “Jungalow” was just perfect.

We looked after Bailiee while the kids went off to the wedding.

Lea gave Bailiee her first iPhone lesson.

We we generally just messed around doting on baby Bailiee, who it turns out, is just adorable. Went out for brunch each day and enjoyed fabulous food. Bali had a good vibe and although we didnt get out to look around much we liked it and plan to return sometime.

I discovered I had left my phone at the airport but fortunately it had been handed in and I was able to reclaim it from Airport Security before our flight to Brisbane.

The red eye to Brisbane was good and I got some sleep. Picked up a car and headed straight up to the Sunshine Coast. Spent a few nights with our friends Brian and Marcelle, who we met in the Kimberley last year. Went out to visit Lea's stepson and family at Beerwah. Enjoyed a couple of good walks with Brian around Mooloolabah. Brain cooked up a fabulous feast on our last night. Definately a meal to remember.

Then it was back down to Brisbane to catch a flight to Rockhampton then a bus to Rosslyn Bay. From here we got a lift with our friends Rob and Henma on Easy Rider out to Great Keppel Island for the 20 years of Lightwaves Reunion.

Rough weather had Louise tear up the running sheet for the programme a few times but we worked around it and had a fabulous time catching up with old friends and new from the Lightwave Family.

17 boats and 22 owners attended.

Heather and Steve off Inforapenny 2 graciously accomodated us for the weekend. Gemini Lady won the last Lightwave Regatta and I helmed Inforapenny 2 to victory this time. The race was on the last day and finally we had some nice weather.

The race was close but we managed to stay out in front. “Sweet Justice”, our nearest rival, tacked too early and we were able to see her course made good on AIS. This helped us to delay our final tack just right to nail the last turning mark and head for the finish.
Heather had made “Roger and Louise” Dolls to put out as figureheads as we crossed the line.
Another great weekend!

Monday October 17

Hitched a ride on “Red Undies” back to Rosslyn Bay. Had to sneak aboard early as Steve was pacing the decks, keen to get rid of us and catch the breeze through to Lady Musgrave.

Caught the bus, then the flight to Brisbane followed by the one to Melbourne. Dave picked us up from Melbourne Airport and got us in the car before we froze to death. Anne had a their apartment nice and toasty but Lea still pushed the cat out from in front of the heater and stood in front herself for a while.

Finally back in Melbourne. However, it was another 3 days of catching up with friends and family before we actually got back to the house. We'd had a fabulous time but it was nice to be home for a while.


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