Sandakan 2

Sunday July 31

Lea got the Laundry all done at a great New Laundromat while I investigated an issue with the dinghy outboard. It wouldn't run very well at all and I suspected water in the fuel. I emptied out the tank and mixed a fresh brew as well as putting in 2 new spark plugs. This seemed to do the trick and the little Yamaha was back to old reliable self.

Back in the car with John and Kerryn we drove out to the Proboscus Monkey Centre at an old Palm Oil Plantation. Here we found a new centre with boardwalks and feeding stations for the resident Proboscus and Silverleaf Monkeys. The observation platforms made for easy viewing.

The cheeky Siverleaf Monkeys were not so shy and came over to check us out.

These 2 Hornbills were also regulars here coming in for a feed of banana.
After a relaxed lunch it was over to see the Sun Bears. These are the smallest of all the bears in the world and have often been taken as cubs as illegal pets here in Borneo. However, as they get bigger they become a problem and are usually kept in small cages. This Centre is is a sanctuary for rescued Sun Bears and tries to re habilitate them so that they can go back to the wild.

The centre is a world class facility with large natural enclosures for the bears to roam in with many large trees for them to climb.

The bears all seemed in great condition and health. Our visit here was certainly a highlight.

Tequila Party night on Aussie Anthem. A great night was had.

Monday August 1

Brisk morning walk to the wet market on the other side of town to stock up with fruit and veggies. Then off up the 100 steps to Agnes Kieths House and Museum. Passing another Anzac Memorial along the way.

Agnes Keiths house was set in beautiful grounds high above the harbour. It is well preserved with many historical photos and momentos.

Agnes Keith was a famous author here who wrote books about the pre and post war days in Borneo. She was held captive by the Japanese during WWII. We have bought a copy of her first book “Land below the wind”.

We adjourned to the “English Tea House” for a very delicious lunch at this quaint little restaurant overlooking Sandakan and the Harbour.

After purchasing and writing a few postcards we walked off lunch trying to find the local post office. Finally found it on the outskirts of town. At least the service and the aircon were excellent.

Finished off with a swim and a drink at the Yacht Club before heading back to the boat. Sometimes we can't understand the Malaysians. It was the fleets last night at the Yacht Club and the Restaurant was closed. Crazy!


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