Saturday July 30

After our early morning wake up call from the local Mosque we went ashore for a session in the pool. Following another ESSCOM briefing at 0800 we hired car with John and Kerryn and set off to explore the area. We started with a visit to the Sandakan War Memorial Park on the site of the POW camp and the starting point of the Death Marches. The park is very beautifull and the site nothing like we expected it to be with its undulating terrain.

Little remains of the camp but a few artifacts.
A small chapel like building houses the honour boards and more info an the camps. The stained glass windows were lovely.
Near the site of landmark “Big Tree” stands the actual memorial to all those that died here and on the Marches.
Another very moving and beautifully maitained memorial. There was another POW camp on nearby Palau Berhala, the one with red cliffs as we came into Sandakan, but we didnt find much information on that.
We then moved onto the Rainforest Discovery Centre
Very well presented park with canopy walks and walking trails
We got to see a few Hornbills.

Strong winds came up in the afternoon from the opposite direction to the current so we were called back to Gemini Lady as she was dancing around the anchorage making a nuisance of herself with Ocelot. Things had calmed down by the time we got back so we reanchored a little further away from Ocelot.