Palau Tiga and Palau Gaya

Saturday July 2

Not a breath of wind and none expected so we motored up to Tiga Island the site of the first “Survivor” series. I worked on the blog while Lea tried to stay out of the sun while keeping watch. It was mirror calm with sun, sea, clouds and sea merging to a point where no horizon was discernable.

Anchored off a resort and enjoyed a snorkel on the reef. The water was a bit cloudy but lots of fish accompanied us. Some very aggresive clown fish warned us away.

Drinks onboard Katani came to an end when the mozzies attacked. A nasty squall during the night had me up and monitoring for an hour or so.

Sunday July 3

A restless night with either too much wind or stifling hot without it. We had been warned about the mosquitoes ashore so we applied a thick layer of sunscreen before a thick layer of DEET based repellant before venturing ashore.

The Resort greeted us with some interesting characters. Then it was off to the “Mud Volcano” basically a skanky puddle of muddy water in the middle of the jungle. No way we were getting in it!
We continued on to Rocky Bay following the overgrown track with its rotting bridges through dense jungle.
Our aim was to reach the site where the first “Survivor” series was filmed but the rotten bridges and totally overgrown tracks defeated us.
We spent the afternoon repairing more stitching on the clears. Quick dash over to Esoterica to get Kerryn to sew up a broken zip. Much Appreciated.
Monday July 4
We tried again to reach the “Survivor ” Camp from another direction but were held back by dense jungle again.
Returning via the public jetty and beach area we were amused by this sign.
Note the pose. The assumption of flaunted decadence.
We motored around to the sandspit north of Tiga and noted significant works being carried out at the “Survivor” Camp which looked very flash. Will try to investigate more thoroughly on the return trip.
The snadspit anchorage was beautiful and after anchoring I did a survey to see if we could get in closer. Unfortunately it was all too shallow.

Wonderful afternoon pulling the port toilet apart to fix a leaking “O” Ring on the pivot shaft. Such Joy! Made up for it with a great evening ashore with a bonfire and BBQ with Esoterica, Songlines 3 and Our Odysee.

Tuesday July 5

Breeze was up so we headed of to Palau Gaya with spinnaker up. Lovely sail for 26 Nm.

Caught a nice little tuna.

Called up by Katani who had anchored behind the small island of Sibu off the western side of Palau Gaya. Not a listed anchorage but we decided to join them. Lots of day boats and trippers from Kota Kinabalu (KK) to the 2 public resorts there. We were hoping we would have it all to ourselves after 1600 when all the day trippers had gone home. And we did.

Walked up to the start of the zip line ride for a nice view.

On Sibu we found a large Monitor Lizard that was a bit scary.

Esoterica joined us and we had a pot luck dinner and card night aboard Gemini Lady with 7 of us from the 3 boats. Great fun.

Wednesday July 6

Up early for a snorkel on the reefs before the first boats arrived. Some nice coral and great fish life. Esoterica was heading into KK to fix anchor winch wiring problems. Katani and us left to head around to Police Bay on the Eastern side of Palau Gaya.

Anchored in 22m directly infront of the magnificent beach and resort. Spent the afternoon underwater cleaning the hulls of acumulated slime and barnacles.

Thursday July 7

Lea woke up like a bear with a sore head and needed to be exercised. She took off on the SUP and did a 2.5km swim, returning in a much better mood. I got stuck into the blog which was about a month behind.

Quick swim to cool off then over to Vonnie Belle for sundowners.

Friday July 8

A morning walk ashore. We were greeted by the friendly staff at the resort and they drove us in a golf buggy to the start of the track to the canopy walk. 10 minutes uphill and we were there.

The track continued so we followed it up to the saddle where it joined up with the track over to the other side of the island. We turned downhill and completed a circuit of the valley and arrived back at the other side of the resort. A beautiful 5 star Resort with prices to match. A coffee cost us $7.00AUD each but it was great coffee.

To stay costs about $600.00- $3000.00 per night.


We had the best room for free give or take a few hundred thousand.

Moved about 3.5Nm to the next bay and the next resort. The cockpit fridge/ freezer had stopped working. Suspected it was the fan so decided to fit a new one. What a bastard of a job. Lightwave Yachts certainly weren't thinking of future servicability when they fitted this unit. Lea had a go at reaching for inaccessible bolts and got her hand stuck. I rubbed my wrist raw undoing them. Finally got it done so now waiting to see if it chills down ok.

A late afternoon visit to the nearest resort saw us pulled up by security officers. We requested permission to go ashore for a drink at the bar. After a couple of phone calls the officer obtained permission for us. The resort was beautiful and had a nice relaxed peaceful feel to it.


We sat overlooking the pool and beach with a cocktail each. Very pleasant until some kids showed up and disturbed the peace. We finished our drinks and left.

We took the dinghy to explore the bay and ended up on Katani, anchored on the far side of the bay, for another beer and a game of cards called “Presidents and Assholes”. Lea and I soon established ourselves as Presidential material and quit while we were ahead to get back to Gemini Lady just on dusk.

Saturday July 9

A very quiet day on the boat with about 6 hours spent resewing rotten stitching on the “God Pod” clears.

Sunday July 10

Departed at 0800, after a stiflingly hot night, and headed into the channel between Palau Gaya and KK. This is a tricky and shallow route between countless reefs. Katani followed us closely. No problems but the channel markers reversed for the outbound leg close inshore and the last marker was a bit hard to work out. Ipad Navionics charts were useless as there has been some blasting and dredging to clear a new channel. The chartplotter card was much better but still didn't have the new southern channel marked at all.

Sutera Harbour Marina was getting full but our prior booking gave us a great position close to the 50m Olympic pool as we had requested. Neither of us were feeling 100% and Lea was soon feeling quite ill. We got the power plugged in and the Aircon going so she could go back to bed.

Afternoon wander around this spectacular Resort with its 2 five star hotels and Marina Club, 4 pools, 12 lane 10 pin bowling, squash courts, badminton courts, table tennis tables, tennis courts, cinema as well as numerous restaurants and 2 international standard golf courses.

We did late arvo swim but Lea still not good. Dinner at a hotel restaurant with John and Kerryn but Lea abandoned hers and went to bed.


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