Anambas 3 Pendjalin and the Mermaid

Monday May 30

A stormy morning. Dave stayed on board while Lea and I hit the markets again. We haggled over a nice looking fish but they wouldn't meet our price. We were probably too hard as we have felt over our time here that the locals are inflating prices a bit. Anyway, I still would have had to gut and scale it so it was no great loss.

A rain storm swept over us as we returned to Gemini Lady but it was short lived. Most of the Rally participants had joined the organised snorkelling tour and BBQ to Penjalin. We had decided to take Gemini Lady there instead. John was having a quiet day and dropped in for coffee. We left about 1100.

Visability wasn't great and we had elected find a passage through the maze of reefs directly to the east instead of going south first. This proved an intense time with Dave Driving, Lea on the bow and me on the Satellite imagery. Fortunately the sun came out at the right time and a cell tower as well to update the satellite maps so we had no problem. Once clear of the reefs there was still no wind so we motored up to Penjalin, arriving just as the others were leaving.

The beach was stunning and we spent a lot of time setting up our anchor position as close to the beach as possible. The first spot proved too shallow but the second go worked well. We carefully measured the depth and distances of surrounding bommies and all was good but with no room to spare.

The rudders haung back over some of the deeper coral.
Depending on the wind direction we either had our own aquarium off the sterns or a clear turquoiseswimming pool.
We were soon in the water to explore.

Coral not brilliant but some nice features

Dave caught this little clown fish sticking his head out.
I continued with dawn and dusk shifts on the sail repair.

Dave gave Lea some duck diving lessons and she soon got her confidence and succeded in swimming right under the boat. This was no small thing for Lea who used to be very nervous in the open water.

The Mermaid!

Idillic setting and we hung out 3 nights here. We expected some of the Rally fleet to join us but we ended up having to ourselves which was just fabulous.
Lots of Paddle boarding, snokelling, swimming and even runs on the beach.

The local fishing boats all came into the bay the first night and a big storm built up and hit us around midnight, waking us up. I went into disconnection mode and blacked out the boat electrically as much as I could. One flashbang came very close but it soon passed although it continued to rumble on through the night. The next morning all was calm again.

Another perfect day in paradise. Even had lots of fresh water as the storm had half filled the dinghy with rainwater.
Wednesday June 1
A very overcast day with light showers and relatively cool. This gave me the oportunity to put in a big day on the sail repair and Ifinally got it finished.

About 25 hours of sewing, getting the needle through with a drill and hammer. Great fun not! My knuckles are raw, fingers cut and whole hands ache. Just hope the repair is strong enough.

Late afternoon a group of fishermen in four boats came and anchored in the bay. We wondered if this indicated another storm brewing. I cooked up some popcorn and took it over to them. They spoke no English and I have no Indonesian but we shared a smoke and a few laughs. They showed me some of the small squid they were after.

Another boat turned up and started excavating driftwood logs and operating a big chainsaw. They left and came back the following morning so I went over to see what they were doing. They had cut a large log into billets and were cutting planks. It was a huge heavy chainsaw supported by a shoulder strap.

It had no brake, the boys had bare feet and Australian Oc Health and Safety would have had a fit. However, completely freehand and by eye this guy was cutting beautiful hardwood planks exactly 1 inch thick and smoothly finished

Back on Gemini Lady the hair salon was opened for business.

I finally got to enjoy a sunset with the sail all repaired. Its been a wonderfull, relaxing few days in a magic place.


One thought on “Anambas 3 Pendjalin and the Mermaid”

  1. Hi Tim and Lea, Love receiving your posts. Great job on the sewing Tim, having done a lot of this by hand on heavy sails I know how torturous it can be. How good are the guys with the chain saw? Lastly re your A/foul paint issue, is the growth all over the u/water hull area, or just on the wind /water line. If the latter it could be caused by the oil/diesel slick inhibiting the action of the paint. A scrub to remove the slick may well remedy this. Regards Pete avery

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