Saturday May 28

Glassy calm morning and cystal clear water. Off on the SUP's. It was low tide and although the water depth over the coral was over 0.5 M it felt like the board would hit the coral. Some great photos by David.


I was on daily dawn and dusk shifts repairing the Main. These were the only times it was possible to work up on deck out of the direct sun and heat.

By mid morning we were off exploring again heading NW around the top of the Islands to the gap between Semut and Matak. The satellite image showed the gap as impassable but it looked like fabulous snorkelling. However, the eastern side proved unsuitable for anchoring so we left Dave in the dinghy to survey of the passage and we motored around Palau Semut with Katani. On the other side Dave reported no suitable anchorage and strong currents so we decided to move on again. Maybe a good drift snorkel for the future.

Continued west and tucked into an anchorage in the chanel between Muber and an unnamed island. Tried to anchor just off this beautiful sand spit but not enough room to swing.

Found one of the isolated patches of sand in amongst the coral and enjoyed a quiet night.

Sunday May 29

Another dawn shift on the stitching. Then we were off back to Terempa, due South down the chanel

to join the welcoming ceremony and hopefully find a Rally participant with an industrial sewing machine. Even though the current was in our favour we were late and just missed the traditional dancing but tge girls were dressed up beautifully.

Also bombed out on the sewing machine. Looks like I will have to continue with the hand job. Good to catch up with Rally folk. Shane and Lisa off Champagne Charlie were very excited about the diving here and Shane is already thinking about setting up here as there are no dive operators at all and the water clarity and corals are spectacular.

Walked to the market for some more supplies. David was back on Gemini Lady entertaining the local kids who had swum out to the boat. Back on Gemini Lady I made a short trip to Umbraluna to see if they had managed to get our package. It hadn't arrived when they left. Esoterica had her anchor chain snagged so I stayed to help John and Kerryn. This proved a big job and took some time with Simon off Kiwi Coyote diving for them and directing the untangling.

Meanwhile Lea and David were king of the kids, teaching them how to do bombs off the back of the boat. The kids were great and very respectfull. Everyone had a great time and Lea gave orange segments to the kids seated on the sterns.

A late lunch at a local Warung then a walk up through town to the Chinese Temple.

The view from here was terrific and shows the size of the town.

Motorcycles are the preferred mode of transport. No cars and very little walking.

One part of town looks like a poor version of Venice.

Despite the horrible rubbish problem there does seem to be some effort to encourage recycling.

Finally found a place that served cold beer. and enjoyed one with Mike and Yvonne off Vonnie Belle. They had hired a motorbike and had enjoyed a ride around.
The locals were playing a version of Marjong. This guy was losing badly hence the pegs on the ears. When we returned after our beer his fortunes had improved and he was winning and had got rid of the pegs. Big smiles everwhere.

On the dinghy dock we had a new guard looking after our stuff. They love their uniforms; This guy was immaculate. They also love to have their photo taken.

Back to Gemini Lady for another stitching shift then drinks on Vonnie Belle and dinner ashore at Le Luna again.