Thursday May 19

The breeze was in early but Breakfast ashore was the first priority so we ended up motorsailing the 11NM to Terengganu. The harbour entrance was obstructed by construction of a new swing bridge which will be a pain for yachts in the future. The marina fitted us in but we had to rig a very long power cord to get the Aircon going.

Anne and David had bought us a night at the Luxurious Duyong Resort. With the boat chilled down and the big freezer empty I got the chance to install the new electronic thermostat for the freezer, hopefully the last of the jobs related to the lightning strike. Lea and I then headed for the Resort.

We had a gorgeous large room near the river. Even a window into the bathroom with the dunny dead centre of the view.

And some rather strange dressing gowns

After a swim and a bottle of champagne we headed off in search of dinner. We tried Uber to get into town but had no success. In the end we elected for room service. I went back to the boat for more wine and Lea ordered dinner. Reception girls had very poor English and while they played with the computer somehow the order never got through. Got it sorted 90 minutes later and we can advise that Malaysians can do great hamburgers and fries but forget Pizzas.

Friday May 20

Buffet breakfast included then back to Gemini Lady to finish off the freezer thermostat installation. Anne's last day so we said our goodbyes and Dave went out to the airport with her.

Spent the afternoon over in Chinatown and got a gas bottle refilled but most of the shops were closed for the weekly Friday holy day.

Turtle Alley is a narrow lane dedicated to Turlte conservation. with displays in mural form.
Rally dinner was at the Islamic centre and was a lovely meal apart from the sweet red cordial. It was a bit strange as there were no VIP's or speeches. They just fed us efficiently and we left. After dinner we went to look at the nearby Crystal Mosque magnificently illuminated in changing colours
Saturday May 21
Early morning run across the main bridge. The Crystal Mosque was stunning ng in the dawn light and we cursed that we had no camera with us. Back to the marina in time to join Julie ( off Aqua Dreams) for her yoga class to cool down and stretch.
Off to Chinatown again to get some more meat especially hard to get hold of pork from the Chinese butchers.
We also got brave and bought some freshly butchered beef from the local wet market. Very difficult as we don't know our cow anatomy very well. Markets were excellent here with great fruit and vegies along with everthing else you can think of.
Tried a freshly cooked pancake with nuts and sugar. Yum!
Had single hander Evan off Amity for an afternoon beer. John and Kerryn joined us and we headed back over to Chinatown for dinner. Picked the cleanest restaurant but should have gone to more grungy one next door which was full of locals. The food and service were crap at the one we chose.
Sunday May 22
Immigration officials were available for clearing into the Province and out of Malaysia. They were being a bit pedantic so we only checked in as we hadnt been to the Harbourmaster and Customs yet. Immigration are regularly at the marina to do clearances for the oil rig personel. Today was a public holiday so Customs and Harbourmaster were closed. We dinghied over anyway to check on our way up river to the museum.
On the way we passed the Crystal Mosque once again.
There was a large theme park with minature models of famous buildings of the world. This waterwheel was oart of the park.
The museum has a display of restored and preserved ships from the early trading days.
The museum grounds are huge and contain many displays of Malaysian architecture. Much of it has been donated by the Sultan.
The main museum building was awesome but we were advised that the displays inside were not that great so we just explored the grounds.

Back at Gemini Lady we caught up with Ray and Shaunnah off Parlay for Sundowners.

Monday May 23

Busy morning. Lea off for an early run and she left in the moonlight hoping to get another photo of the Cystal Mosque in the dawn sun. She ran the bridge twice but too many clouds spoilt the shot.

I did our departure clearance from Malaysia with Immigration while David cleaned the decks. Lea and I then went and cleared out with the Harbourmaster and Customs. We had a final dicussion re the weather and all agreed to pass on the Palau Redang activities and begin our trip soulth to get a better angle to Anambas.

We left at high tide with Aqua Dreams, who had the same idea. Close hauled motor sailing in light conditions. Aqua Dream dropped off at Palau Kapas but we kept on going to Tenggol as we knew where the moorings were. We got there at dusk and grabbed the last mooring just before 3 fishing boats arrived looking for moorings. 53 NM afternoon with 27 sailed unassisted. Watched a nasty looking lightning storm back over the mainland.

Tuesday May 24

An 0500 start into 16 knots from the SSW. Fairly lumpy so we started with 1 reef in. By 1015 the wind had swung SSE so we pulled out the reef and tacked back toward Chukai on the mainland. Still not sure yet whether we would head down as far as Tioman Island to get a good angle to Anambas in the forecast S winds. At Chukai the wind backed to the SW so we tacked again. This gave us a close hauled course halfway between Tioman and Anambas. The wind shift held for the next 100NM as we decided to continue on to Anambas. We kept a close hauled course to put some in the bank if the wind went back to the S as forecast. Gusts up to 18 knots and lumpy seas made for unpleasant sailing and we eventually noticed that the clew ring on the Mainsail had torn out. We pulled in the first reef again and continued. Even Lea struggled with preparing lunch as we bounced along.

As the afternoon wore on and we got further offshore, the seas settled. The big debate was how much to put in the bank before bearing away to Anambas. Lea was very keen to bear away. In the end we compromised and continued on with cracked sheets still staying above our rhumbline. This proved a good move as during the night the wind went back to S with even a hint of E in it. We were able to bear away a bit more and keep sailing.


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