Off to East Malaysia

Monday April 25

Attended a poignant Dawn Anzac Service organised by some of the Aus and NZ crews. Maria off Allure of NZ played a beautiful and moving rendition of the the Last Post on her flute. The kids off Allure and Dream Maker did a lovely reading and Barry off Evolution NT (a Tunnel Rat veteran in Vietnam) led the minutes silence.

Ubered in to the Indonesian Consulate in JB to retrieve our passports ans visas. Shared the ride with Jan and Jack off Anthem Jan is Canadian and Jack is American. We met them briefly last year and enjoyed their company. The passport retreival went surprising quickly and smoothly and we then jumped in a taxi to the first causeway immigration and were soon on our way into Singapore.

At Sim Lim Tower after a soaking from a rain shower, we had no trouble sourcing some new globes for the engine instruments and spare relays for the washing machine. At Icom we confirmed there were no VHF radios available until mid May.

Enjoyed lunch at a local outside eatery then hopped on the MRT out to Changi then a taxi to the Changi Museum

We thought it fitting to visit the museum on Anzec Day and we were remonded again of the horrors of the Japanese Occupation of Singapore and the terrible living conditions endured by the POW's both here and on on the Burma Railway.

Caught a taxi to the airport to wait for Dave and Anne. Beautiful Airport and this piece of artwork caught our eye.

Its called “Kinetic Rain” made up of about 1700 supsended “raindrops” each with a wire and motor to raise and lower through a computerised control system to create a variety of flowing patterns. Loved it!

Dave and Anne arrived and our pre arranged driver turned up on time for a smooth getaway from the airport heading for Malaysia via the second causeway link. Slight delay at the busy immigration checkpoint but no problems. Arrived back at Gemini Lady at Puteri Harbour for a few welcome aboard drinks.

Checked out all the bits and pieces they had bought with them to finalise our repairs.

Tuesday April 26

We sent Dave off to the Indonesian Consulate with Barry and Katrina off Evolution NT. I got stuck into fitting the new VHF and Cockpit Fridge controller. The girls went off to Aeon to do the shopping. Dave returned earlier than expected. This Indonesian Consulate was amazingly efficient. I gave him the job of fitting the new Gas Detector and the Remote Commander Microphone for the VHF.

We got offered a berth finally. Marina management had got around to ringing the person who had booked the berth we wanted next to Eosoterica. He had got into Raffles Marina and wasn't coming. I politely declined the berth as we were leaving tomorrow but advised we would tie up for a few hours to wash down the boat on Esoterica's water supply. Lea reckons my last email to the Puteri Harbour Development Trust, lambasting the Marina management, may have done the trick

All went well with repairs and Lea even got onto a bit of boat polishing in the late afternoon. It was Lady's night at the local Indian Restaurant with free drinks for the girls. They enjoyed 3 Margarita's each. John and Kerryn joined us briefly after their trip to the “Night market” for fresh vegies.

Wednesday April 27

Up at 0600 to move into our berth. The girls went off for a run while Dave and I started washing down the boat. I soon left Dave to it and took the opportunity for another run myself. Lea achieved another PB.

Dave and I went back to the Indonesian Consulate to pick up his passport, then to a post office to send the old VHF Radio up to Luigi, our insurance assessor as requested.

Lea and Anne found a great coffee shop owned and run by a Melboure lady. They enjoyed some bonus taste testing of a new breakfast line of Cranberry and Pecan French Toast.

After washing all the running gear and filling up with water we left and headed down the Johor Strait 6Nm and anchored. This would give us a good start in the morning to get around Singapore to Eastern Malaysia with favourable tides.

A beautiful sunset over the docks and power station on the Malaysian side.

Thursday April 28

A dawn start to the day to make use of the current already flowing down the Johor Strait. We were on the last half of the ebb to exit the straight then picked up the flodd to re enter on the East side. Very little wind but we picked up an occaisional bit of sail assist.

Shipping Traffic was pretty heavy around Raffles Lighthouse and then a tanker decised to do a “U” turn infront of us then stalk us. Then on past the Singapore CBD and the iconic Marina Sands through the haze.

We had decided not to go up to Sebana Cove so we anchored in the mouth of the River. We were keen to get out to the isalnds and clearer water. We first anchored near the Navy Training School but got asked to move away. An afternoon rain shower gave us some relief from the heat.

Friday April 29

We planned to get up to Jason Bay, however, the breeze came in from the SE at about 8 knots so we carried the Main and Spinnaker as shy as we could had a wonderful sail. We decided to keep going and managed to lift high enough to get to the eastern side of Palua Sibu, anchoring off Sea Gypsy Resort.

Saturday April 30

A morning walk to check out the Resort then we took the track over to Coconut Village on the other side of the Island where a few other Rally boats were at anchor. The village was cute with run down guest houses and a long jetty.

Then back to Sea Gypsy Resort, where we were made very welcome, for a coffee.

Quick swim then off to the Northern Anchorage of Palau Sibu to rendezvous with Esoterica and snorkel the reef. The coral and water clarity was average but enjoyable. After lunch we had a pleasant little beat to windward to Palau Tingga. One again the hi res KAP files showed us a detailed picture of the reefs and an entry point into the protected lagoon.

We pulled out the SUP's and did a few minor repairs to Lea's board.
Ashore we watched the locals play foot volleyball which looked very skillful and difficult.
Checked out the waterfront real estate
And met some of the local pussy cats.

Dinner with John and Kerryn was a disappointment as we could only find poor quality western type food, lousy service and no beer. Stars were fantastic and we cooled down on the tramps with cool wine and viewed the stars identifying Jupiter on the iPad app.


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