Back to Rebak

Wednesday March 16

Left Melbourne 0330 with TRS claim done with no problems but a raised eyebrow at the TV we were carrying. Flight was great with an extra seat for Lea to stretch out. Wandered around KL airport for a few hours before our connecting flight to Langkawi. As we were booked into the resort we were met at the airport and shuttled to the jetty for the boat ride back to Rebak. Managed to get the phone and internet access up before we left.

At the TAJ Resort our room wasnt ready so we flagged down a golf cart and got the driver to take us,with all our luggage, to the hardstand and Gemini Lady. She didnt look too bad on the outside with new antifoul. Inside was chaos as Mark from Seaspray Marine had not finished the new installations. Much of the new equipment had only just arrived.

The good news was that the inside of the boat was clean with no mould to be seen. We delivered the bits we had bought over for Mark and left him to it.

Dissappointed with the underwater surfaces. Should have had all the old antifoul removed. New application caused blistering resulting in more roughness. Discovered a compression injury in the aft end of Starboard Mini keel so pulled out the jack to change weight distribution and get an eyeball onto the damage.


Nice digs though!

Hit the sack early. Just as well we didn't wait up for John and Kerryn as they were delayed and didnt arrive until late.

Thursday March 17

On the job at first light to strip down the starboard saildrive leg which was leaking oil. Very difficult to get bearing casing and prop shaft out and that was after a difficult time getting the prop off. Anyway got it all apart by 0930 so it was back to the room for a shower then breakfast.

Next shift we put in the new seals and reassembled the leg so that the priming and antifouling could be completed.

During the afternoon I helped Mark fix a problem with the chartplotter pedestal and got the new Lithium Battery controller installed and the house battery back online. Fired up the fridge and main freezer even though the thermostat in the freezer is a bit dodgy after the Lightning strike and awaits its new thermostat. We had 1.5 kg of good Aussie bacon that needed freezing.

I then attacked the damaged keel area with the angle grinder. Removed all the damaged fibreglass and gelcoat and started to get moisture appearing. Not good! Bugger! Drilled a small hole into keel and small amount of water came out under pressure. Salt water! Hmm! Lightwave Yachts dont build their mini keels strong enough! You listening Roger? Left keel to dry with a paper wick in hole.

After an afternoon swim and relax we were both back on the job just after 1600 to start the hull polishing. Worked through until dusk at 1900 and got 2/3 of outside of port hull polished and then Dulon 1&2.

Keel was dry so plugged hole with quick set epoxy then applied 6 layers of double bias glass over defect.

After dinner, about 2200, with John holding the torches, we checked out the new glasswork and found it had gelled off nicely, so we mixed a batch of epoxy bog and smoothed it all out.


Friday 18 March

Back on the polishing at first light morning shift , 2/3 of outside starboard hull done. After breakfast, second shift we polished the inside hulls under the shade of the bridgedeck. I sanded up the repair and then coated it with clear epoxy to seal it.

Afternoon poolside then back for the late shift finishing polishing the port hull before dark and getting the first primer and antifoul on over the keel repair. Moved hull supports to antifoul hidden areas. Antifould new depth transducers.

Saturday March 19

Dawn shift on the buff again finishing inside bow port hull and rest of outside starboard hull.

Mark had finished so he sent one of his crew to clean the decks while we started tidying up the inside ready for me to wire up the new Seatalk NG network, connect up and commission all the instruments.

Completed the polishing in the late afternoon shift and applied second coat of antifoul to repair and other areas. Just about ready to splash!

While the focus was on getting all the jobs done we did enjoy catching up with friends from last year, Sue and Jon form Ocelot. Jons collection of KAP files has grown from 33GB last year to 180GB now giving us high res Satelite charts for most of Indo, Malaysia, Thailand, Borneo and many other areas. A great backup for normal charts. We spent time poolside with Christine and Russel off Christine Anne who shared much of their 22 years of cruising experience. Gary Martin and Tina have Dragon all back together following their lightning strike 12 months ago. They are off to Italy with Dragon's new owner. Kerryn and John of Esoterica Introduced us to some of their friends from their Sail Indo Rally in 2014. Good peole and good times.

Sunday March 20

We were last on the days list so we had plenty of time to scrub the dinghy and lift it back on deck. Refilled the saildrives with oil, touch up antifoul and clean up hardstand site. Checked out of the resort. Left some of the old large heavy damaged equipment behind but the rest was still littering the cockpit. Esoterica was first in but had engine start issues and had to be towed out to the pontoon.

Our lift went well and as usual the guys managing the travel lift did a fabulously gentle job of putting Gemini Lady back in the water. After Johns engine start problems I had double checked fuel supply and turned over the motors prior to lift. They both fired first touch of the key and we motored into our wet berth feeling very smug.

Wired up for shore power and fired up the aircon. No water flow! Bugger! Time to hit the pool and the bar!

Returned after dinner; cleaned out the now disolved hornets nest in the aircon water intake, reprimed pump and fired up the Aircon again. Bliss!! Rebak is a very sheltered Marina so it gets very little breeze and is like a hothouse!

Crashed again!

Monday March 21

Time to get some food in the cupboards. Can't live on bacon alone! Hired a car from Mr Din with John and Kerryn and took off for a supply run to Kuah. Marine hardware shop and Bakery; then Groceries and Booze after a good coffee at Billion. Visited the Booze warehouse, sort of like a Bunnings for Booze with pallets stacked 5 high with wine and spirits from all corners of the world. Not a price to be seen so it was a slow process to work put what there, was good value.

We had been warned that wine goes off real quick over here due to the heat. In fact our remaining casks from last year had turned to syrup. Alcoholic syrup at least and just still drinkable. Well, for quaffers like us at least. I did entertain thoughts of giving up the booze back in Australia but now we are back here in the heat I crave my medicine of at least 2 cold beers by 1700 hours followed by a Gin and Tonic then wine with dinner. I have a theory that sweating neutralises alcohol. I'm sweating heaps!

After visiting a few more supermarkets chasing good cheese we finished up at Sailors who offer cryovaccumed meat products pre frozen.

Back for the 1545 ferry that departed at 1530 ( just as well we were early) we put all the food away and I started the nav station wiring. Spent ages looking for the cable that connects our VHF Remote Mic to the main VHF Radio. Couldn't find it anywhere but did find a cable with a frayed end and no plug. Tested with continuity function on the multimeter. Sure enough it was the Remote Mic cable. The end had been ripped clean off and the plug nowhere to be found. Bugger! ( Again) Lea, not very happy with our contrator, begins the research to get a new cable, which, incidentally, will be an absolute Bugger to run.

No room at the table for a meal so back to the restaurant and beer, and wine!

However, it was a very pleasant dinner with Sue and Jon off Ocelot. They are off to Penang then the Himalayas for some treking.

Tuesday March 21

Pulled out old Seatalk 1 network cables. Removed at least a kilo of old obsolete wiring.

New Balmar alternator regulator installed and programmed.

All Raymarine Instruments Networked and fired up ok. Dockside commissioning completed.

Xantex Batery Monitor rewired correctly and programmed.

Inverter/ Charger programmed.

Removed old electric winch breaker and installed new one.

Lea sliced up old Screecher and salvaged some good material ( I think she wants a new handbag). We were both very attached to that old Screecher as it had propelled us many thousands of sea miles. (Maybe I'll have a new handbag from it too).

A succesfull day and our first home cooked meal in a week; with no added sugar.

Wednesday 23 March

5km run before breakfast.

New Pactor Modem installed and tested with HF. All good! Checked installation and operation of new Fusion Stereo.

Lea got good news from Spence. He just happens to have a spare cable for the VHF Remote Mic. See! Hoarding is good!

Thursday March 24

3 steps back.

Replacement Gas monitor is the wrong model. Bugger!

Schreecher furler won't fit the new Schreecher eyelets on head and tack. Bugger! Do engineering drawings for new thimbles to fit furler and sail eyelets.

Dismantled Cockpit fridge compressor area to find new controller not suitable. Bugger! Emails to Aus to source correct replacement controller.

Good red medicine enjoying Lea's pumpkin soup & home made chapati with John and Kerryn.

Friday March 21

Good Friday for Christians and Friday is the Moslim Sunday. What are the chances of shops and businesses being open? We went anyway after picking up another of MR Din's rent a bomb's. We didn't have a lot of success but we did manage to find where lots of places are for future reference and we came back with a bootfull of serious medicine and a frozen chicken.

Impromptu curry on Esoterica with more good red medicine.

Saturday March 22

Kept the car and headed out again. First stop was a great chandlery and I found a cheaper, easier solution to the furler issues with 2 nice big bow shackles. Then the post office to return our incompatible gas monitor. All going very smooth until we got back to the car and found it blocked in. Thank goodness it was a little micro car and we were able to squeeze our way out. Did no good sourcing LED globes or gearbox header tank fittings but unexpected bonus was to find some of the special grease for the propellors.

Nice coffee at the Langkawi Yacht Club with John and Kerryn then off to the Booze Warehouse for a bootfull of wine and beer.

Great lunch at a local Restaurant followed by a scenic drive up the central volcano, Gunung Ray, the highest point of Langkawi.

There is a large resort at the top that is being rebuilt and the lookout tower is part of it. Not quite sure why you stay there though.

Back to Sailors for another meat order then back to the boat for a quiet night.

Sunday 27 March

Dawn exercise then Screecher up with new shackles. All good? Not quite, the UV strip on this sail is on the opposite side to the last one so it has to be wound the other way. Hence, another job to do is dismantle the deck block and change the ropes over. Bugger!

Installed boom bag and lashed in the sail battens.

John gave us lift to get the Mainsail out of the guest cabin and onto the cabin roof. Needed to retire to the pool for a lunchtime beer after that bit of very strenuous exercise.

Quick bite to eat then slipped our lines and headed over to Telaga for the last of our major repairs. The Watermaker!

Seems something had gone wrong with the Dockside commisionning of the Autopilot. When engaged it propmptly turned the boat around and went back the other way. When the helm was turned to port, the rudder indicator indicated starboard. Tried everything to fix it before reading the manual and in the end turned the whole system off to try again. However, the chartplotter wouldn't come back on. Help! email to Raymarine.

The Telaga anchorage was busy but we fitted in ok with great views of Machinchang Cambrian Geoforrest Park and the Skyline Cable Car.

We got the outboard on the dinghy and into the water. Fired up first time. Got to love a Yamaha! Took a tour into the marina area, past the lighthouse.
Passed the local fishing fleet
Entered the marina basin
Very pleasant.
Monday March 28

The breeze was up all night which helped a bit with our first night without Aircon. Tried to get the Main up first thing but the breeze defeafed us so we lashed it down and left it.

Surprisingly. Chris and Andrew from Yachtworx turned up on time. They layed out the new components on a rug on the cockpit floor. At my first glimpse of the new PCB board I new it was the wrong one. This was soon confirmed. Chris thought he had a suitable one somewhere so he disappeared and soon came back with another one. This had different plugs but they proceeded to install it anyway. Got through to test stage but no banana, it didnt work. Now have to wait for another PCB to be flown in from the USA. Bugger!

I went ashore to pick up Luigi, our assessor, for an inspection of progress. He took lots of photos and asked a few questions. We loaded him up with 2 big boxes of old equipment but he refused to take the old TV

We met John and Kerryn in Telaga Harbour for a late lunch beer. They had been in town and had picked up a small 12V battery and a Micro SD card for us. We were trying to download the software update for the Raymarine products but the file is over 1 GB and the download kept crashing.

John is flying back to Aus to source a new starter motor solenoid and anchor winch parts. Drastic measure but overall the most cost and time effective way to get what he needs.

After they left we enjoyed chilled Sangria and Tapas at a bar while having one more go at the download. Failed again! John will download it back in Aus.

Finished putting the mainsail back on in the light evening breeze.

Tuesday March 29

Light morning breeze so we managed to get the Genoa back on its furler. The Screecher turning block turned out to be more difficult and time consuming to dismantle than expected. I then moved the door latch in the guest cabin so it worked. Its only taken me 6 years to get to this job. However, now our guests can enjoy some privacy.

No sign of Chris or Andrew to tidy up the watermaker so it can be flushed every day until the new board arrives. Another failure of Chris' comunication skills. After ringing them, Andrew came out to sort it.

Managed to get the Chartplotter to fire up, so leaving it on until I get the software update done.

Wednesday 30

Morning run and found a rubbish skip so we could dump the old TV. Chased up a batten end for the top mainsial batten at Yachtworx.

Had Steve and Julie off Aqua Dream, a Fusion 40, over for morning coffee. They will be doing the Rally with us.

Then it was time to up anchor and go for our first sail in nearly 4 months. We headed south, hard on the light SE wind, past Rebak down to Palua Singa Besar.

Found John and Sukanya off Millennium anchored there so went for a visit to check out Johns new project of an electric Tandem bicycle, all engineered from recycled parts.

Great to be out under sail again.


2 thoughts on “Back to Rebak”

  1. Exhausted after reading your post!!! But congrats Tim and Lea for getting back into it – there can be lots of ‘downs’ but they’re pretty well cancelled out (plus some) by the ‘ups’. Keep up the the blogging – it’s helping to fill up that little gap in my heart that sailed away with Skedaddle, love to you both
    Janie xxx

  2. I’m in awe of your tech expertise Tim!
    Here’s why: A bloke from a neighbouring boat asked me the other day when Skedoodle was being serviced …if black or red was positive. I was positive red was positive, but took a negative view to my hitherto positive response. My mood turned from negative to quite black actually. “F^*ked if I know” seemed about right!

    Looking forwards to your next post guys, Greg

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