Back Home and working


Tuesday February 16 2016

It’s now just on 2 months since we returned home from Langkawi, leaving Gemini Lady parked on the hard stand at Rebak Marina. We’ve had a great time catching up with family and friends over Christmas and New Year.

We have slowly made progress with the insurance claim as the Underwriters Royal Sun Alliance Assessor, Luigi, insisted on retesting all the damaged equipment. This didn’t begin until after Christmas. He found all was as we had already informed him back in early December. I guess this is fair enough and due process but I will be asking the Underwriters to pick up the tab for all the hardstand fees until repairs are complete. If we had been in charge of repairs everything would have been ordered before Christmas and the boat all fixed by mid-January.

The next hurdle was to get all the quotes in for the repairs, now that the shopping list had been finalized. This involved a bit of negotiation as many items had to be substituted with newer or different models. We have to say, Luigi, our Assessor, was very fair and reasonable throughout this process. We then had to convince the Underwriters to give us an advance payment to fund all the purchases. We suggested we get a loan and then bill the Underwriters for establishment fees and interest. This seemed to prompt them into action and we received $35,000.00AUD as an advance payment for the shopping list. We have learned that most insurance policies for boats are “Indemnity” policies where the owners have to pay for repairs and then get reimbursed by the Underwriters for all costs incurred.

As of now all orders have been placed. We just hope all arrives in time to install before mid-March. Our suitcases will be full of replacement equipment on our return flight. Looking forward to getting back now for this year’s trip over to Northern Borneo. However, just a final rundown of the last days of last year’s trip.

December 2015

After safely arriving at Rebak Marina we spent the next 10 days organizing meetings with the Assessor and Repairers as well as enjoying the Resort at Rebak and the Island of Langkawi. The stress and the heat put a bit of a dampener on it all but we still had a good time and still enjoyed the final social events of the Sail Malaysia Rally. The final spit roast dinner was great night apart from no alcohol.

It gave us a chance to get photos of some of the the main characters in our journey this year.

Julie and Graham (New Views)

Sue and Andy, the Spucettes (Spruce)

Dagmar and Christoph (Flomaide)

Peter “Poodle” and Denise (Reverie)

Leslie and Grant (Cattiva)

Richard and Carol (Pedro 3)

Gemini Lady came out of the water with no problem. The boys on the travel lift did a fabulous job, gently lifting her out.

Then moving her down the hardstand to her new berth.

Rebak Marina Management were very concerned about lifting a catamaran wider than 7.0 meters. Apparently this is a limit set by the travel lift manufacturer due to the compression loads placed on the vessel. We were, therefore, advised that the lift was at our own risk. Gemini Lady is 7.3 meters wide and easily fit into the travel lift with no excessive compression placed on the gunwales during the lift.

Moved onto Cattiva for the last 2 nights and partied on with Richard and Carol. Big thank you to Grant and Les for having us.

Finally got a decent picture of a Hornbill. These eluded us on the jungle trip from Kumai.

Goodbye Rebak Marina


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