Penang 3

Thursday December 3

A very early start to catch the 0600 101 from Tesco, then the 204 to Penang Hill and the Fernicular Railway. We got the first carriage of the day and shared it with a Bride to be, dressed in Blue. Unfortunately the clouds were still low and blocked our view of Georgetown 830 meters below.

We decided on the 5km walk to the Botanical Gardens. In places the grade was 30% and soon fatigued the legs. We met some locals doing their morning exercise and they guided us on the more scenic route down to the Gardens and then gave us a tour of the gardens themselves. Lovely people and we enjoyed a coffee with them at the end.

Our guide also directed us to the nearby famous Hindu Temple, which is the last stop during the Hindu Thaipusam Festival where serious body piercings are undertaken in the name of Religion. No succes getting a normal taxi so we called Uber and were soon on our way to Kok Lok Si Buddist Temple. This is the latest Buddist Temple in SE Asia with 30 meter bronze Kuan Yin Statue. The grounds were extensive and steep. The legs were getting very weary now.

Back at the boat all was glassy calm and hot. Picked up the last load of washing and said some goodbyes.

The clouds built and we heard thunder in the distance. This has become an evening event. We didn't pay much attention until the thunder and flashes seemed closer. We had the Genset on together with Aircon while Lea prepared dinner. After a much closer strike I began disconnecting antennas and anchor winch but got distracted by food served to the table. At about 2000 there was a deafening crash of thunder and all went black. The Genset was still running so I shut it down. We finished dinner by torchlight then began the damage assessment. Bugger!


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