Penang 2

Wednesday December 2

An early morning bike ride through Georgetown with New Views and Reverie. Chris and Sarah off Tulu had recommended this for us and thanks to Julie for organising it. Ken, our guide, has a Masters degree in Computer Science but after 13 years in the corporate jungle decided to do something different. His father was not so pleased after investing so much in Ken's education, both in Belgium for his first degree then the US for his Masters. However, He obviously loves what he is doing and his delight was infectious. When we arrived he had everything ready and had his whistle and boom box warmed up. Minor complication when Denise realised she actually couldn't ride. Deprived childhood and all that. Ken soon had it sorted by hiring a Trishaw for her, much to her embarrassment.

Then we set off with the music blaring and Ken controlling traffic for us with his whistle. Really should try this in Sydney and see how far unlimited self confidence, a high vis vest, good loud music and a whistle will tame the drivers. Here it worked well with everyone giving way to us. Chew Clan Jetty was the first stop.

Although we saw it yesterday, Ken had more in depth history for us. Apparently the jetties originated as an escape from land taxes.
Then on to Little India for a traditional breakfast.
Then back on the bikes to continue the tour.
With grandma Denise muttering away in her Trishaw.

We passed by Fort Cornwallace and some of the street art we saw yesterday as well as a few temples.

We got a bit of the old Triad history. Originally these were good organisations trying to overthrow the corrupt and repressive government in China at the time.


We visited the shop where Jimmy Choo did his apprenticeship. The shoes are still being made in the old tradition by ancient shoemakers. They had photos of Jimmy the on the wall.

The officials love their uniforms.

After the ride Denise and I went to the Dentist. Good clinic, well equiped, good skills and cheap prices.


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