Sunday November 15

2 hour bus ride toward KL. First stop was the huge gold Hindu Statue with 272 steps leading up to a limestone cave containing numerous smaller shrines.

We were warned about the local monkeys being very fast and clever. Booker off Tortuguita was wearing earrings that looked like nuts and she got a big fright when a monkey jumped onto her shoulder, pulled off an earring and leapt back up a lamp post. Here it sat trying to open the nut. Dave finally managed to coax the monkey to give it back.

At the top of the stairs I was given a blessing and got my forehead painted. Then I was asked for a cash donation to the gods. I asked the guy what the gods needed money for. He just waved me off.

The interior of the cave was undergoing restoration and beautification so jackhammers were going and construction equipment everywhere. Not quite a refuge of serenity. However, the temples were pretty and the Hindu people very colourfully dressed. Many, seeking blessings had shaved their heads and covered them in a yellowy ochre coloured powder.


Next stop was the Royal Salangor Pewter factory, complete with the worlds largest beer stein, reported to hold about 3000 litres.

Interesting to watch the hand making of stuff but naturally Lea and I only liked the most expensive pieces.

Then on to the Petronas Towers. A gorgeous piece of Architecture in Stainless Steel. 451m and 88 floors high. They were the tallest buildings in the world from 1998 to 2004 and are still the tallest twin buildings.

2 hours of shopping in the very fancy Mall and a nice lunch in the food court before heading back to the Marina. Some really annoying kids on the bus got Lea muttering under her breath. I slept.

Monday November 16

Lea did a morning session in the gym with her IPad, UE Boom and Michelle Bridges. I went for run then did some weights. Then a quiet day of catching up on chores before our Team Building Exercise at 1600. The heavens opened after lunch and Lea was hoping the afternoon events would be cancelled. The rain eased before 1600 so a big crowd turned up at the large ropes course. With a rock climbing wall and lots of obstacles it looked like it was going to be fun. However, the rain started again and we were restricted to undercover games. 4 teams, 4 games. It was like herding cats but we eventually got through it. Each team won an event so all even.

Long happy hour at the bar with the Marina putting on a light dinner for us. Live music started at 1930 so we danced and enjoyed a few more drinks with friends. Caught up with Rita and Dave off Beachouse who we met back in 2005 at Airlie Beach.

Many partied on and then some more. We retired early.

Tuesday November 17

Another bus trip today got off to a bad start when the buses were and hour and a half late. While the buses loaded we hung back to see which bus the kids got into. Thinking we had escaped them we boarded on to find the worst offenders from yesterday got on and sat directly behind us. Lea reckons it was my bad karma for being Scrooge with the Hindu Priest yesterday.

It was a long 1.5 hour drive and we realised we are a bit sick of bus trips and crowds. Our first stop was the Cultural Museum at Negeri Semblian. Lots of reading in poor light and bad choice of script colour. However, very interesting and informative displays of the many different cultures of Malaysia. Toilets here were very poor for a major museum.

Travelled to another Homestay for lunch. No tables and chairs only mats. Some custom dancing while we lined up for food. Very average.

There was a planned stop at an Eco park and waterfall but we cancelled due to heavy rain, however, it took a lot of convincing to get the driver to take us back to the Marina early. Trip back was painfull due to same horrible children.

Not the best day but made up for it with a great roast beef dinner Lea and I cooked and shared with Graeme and Julie off New Views. The last roast in the freezer.