Saturday November 7

Tour of The JB Province today. first stop was the nearby Johor State Government Administrative Centre. This is a new Complex inspired by Moorish-Andalusian Architecture and beautifully designed gardens. The overall effect is very grand without being kitch or showy. Very stylish and impressive.

These canons are Portugese and were a gift from Queen Elizabeth of England.

The skeletal dome roof structure made for light, airy internal spaces.

The large mosque associated with the complex is not yet ready to take western visitors but is very specacular.

The gardens were lovely.



Our guide was very enthusiastic and informative. He was obviously very proud of the place. The government system is modelled on the English system.

I questioned our guide on the religious bias of the government but he assurred me that the lower house contained democratically elected representatives that could be from any faith.

I have to say here in light of the recent tragic events in Paris that our experience in both Indonesia and Malaysia, as predominantly Muslim Countries, has been very positive. We have found the many Muslim people we have encountered to be delightful. The women are working in jobs, are outgoing, friendly and some we have met have a wicked sense of humour. We have seen no evidence of anything other than the offer of genuine friendship.

However, the fact remains that we have been given strong security with police escorts in many places within Indonesia, so maybe we have been shielded from underlying problems. I personally think that the governments of both Indonesia and Malaysia recognise the value and importance of the west in terms of their economic well being and the prosperity of their people. At this stage there seems to be a separation between church and government.

The problems always comes down to religious dogma and the contradictions it contains.


Our Christian History shows many similar Biblical contradictions that have been used to justify Crusades and Inquisitions. We shouldn't be too quick to judge all Muslims, but the moderate, peacefull followers of Islam, together with our governments do need to do a lot more to help stamp out the sedition, fundamentalism and fanaticism being preached in many of their Mosques.

Anyway, enough of politics and onto lunch. At a local home stay hall. This is a government tourist intitiative to enable tourists to enjoy and interact with local people and experience traditional food, games and handicrafts. We were treated to a fantastic buffet lunch and some traditional dances from the local kids.

After lunch we tried our hands at basket weaving,

and a game using marbles.

Then on to a traditional Malay Home. Suspect this was not typical but the home of a very wealthy family.

The houses are all wood and designed to be picked up and moved. Most of the timber jointing is mortise and dowel so it can be disassembled.

It was quite a large home with showy chandeliers, lots of glassware and dinner sets in beautiful carved timber cabinets.

Next and last stop was Tanjung Piai, a National Park protecting the mangroves at the SW tip of the JB Province. Hard to believe we are 6233km from Sydney and that Japan is closer.

Nice snooze in the bus on the way home.

Sunday November 8

An early morning run to kick start our fitness programme to get back in shape before we arrive home. Then it was into the washing machine to get at the circuit board. This meant cutting all the silicone sealant around the outside edge of the machine and removing the base holding bolts. I could then move the machine aft about 8cm and get the top off it, (the back was already off from earlier explorations). Then the front control panel could be removed. By sliding the machine forward now into the bathroom with Lea's help (will only go half way without removing drum support frame) I got enough access to remove the wiring loom and lift out the circuit board enclosure. This took a while to dissect, finally revealing a pristine looking circuit board.

At this point I handed it over to higher powers and Peter off Reverie came over to analyse the board. He sat quietly and intently, with his magnifying glass, the circuit diagram, and his multimeter for about 45 minutes.

He then looked up and pronounced a fused relay as the problem. He took the board back to his workshop on Reverie to lift the relay out of the circuit board. I then began researching to find another one, cursing that I hadn't done this before going to Singapore where all the electronic components in the world could be found in either Sim Lim Tower or Square.

After lunch we did a provisioning trip to Tesco and Aeon and came back with Uber, loaded up with new bed sheets and food. Malaysian and Singapore queen size sheets fit our mattresses perfectly unlike Aussie ones.

Gala dinner in the Jens Hotel Ballroom was a posh affair. Well, as posh as a large group of yachties can make it anyway. Lea borrowed some “heels” and looked gorgeous as always. There was lots of excellent traditional dancing, a few speeches and a great meal. I did the rounds of the guys asking for a new relay. As luck would have it Dave off Tortuguita said he had a few of them. When they left early I went back to their boat and sure enough he had 3 of the right relays sitting on his Nav table. Back at the dinner I gave the new relay to Peter to install on the board.

As it had been an alcohol free night, so we went to the Belgian Beer Cafe for a nightcap.

Monday November 9

Another run/walk. Peter bought the circuit board back all repaired so I put the machine back together and gave it a test run. All good.

Masked up and re siliconed it all in to finish the job. Only a couple of screws left over and one tool in the bilge that I couldn't find.

Disconnected from shore power and settled our account to get our clearance papers.

Catch up with friends for a drink then an early night.

Tuesday November 10

Lea went off for a swim in the top floor hotel pool, while I sorted out bills and Dental re registration. Lloyd, Mandy and Heidi dropped in to say goodbye. They are off to Cambodia to start their new life there.

By 1000 we were ready to leave and followed Flomaida out of the marina. We pushed a little tide down the Johor Strait and it was stinking hot. By late afternoon we had a lovely breeze and had a good sail, beam reaching under Screecher and Main with the current with us.

Anchored off the north of Paulu Pissang with many other boats. A squall came through with lightning,rain and a bit of wind. We put off sundowners on Flomaide as the weather looked a bit unpredictable.

Wednesday November 11

A long boring day with a total of 72Nm in 11 hours of mainly motor sailing. We had a 68 minute session of great sailing before the wind turned on the nose then died out again. Half the day we were pushing strong current and the rest we had a bit of assistance but we still can't predict it.

We were going to anchor at Paulu Besar (Water Island) which is a very historic stop as the old trading ships used to anchor there to restock their water barrels and firewood. With good current with us and a bit of wind assistance we went on to anchor at Palau Upeh just off the coast from Malaka.

Thursday November 12

A nasty squall came through about 0400 with Torrential rain and some wind. The swell soon built up enough to make things uncomfortable. Flomaide had already just left so we decided to go too seeing we were already up.

With a pitch black sky and intermittent heavy rain resulting in very limited visibility we got underway, navigating with Radar and AIS. Lea cursed as the chain and anchor were fouled with thick sticky mud. Navigation was interesting as there is a lot of land reclamation going on here so the chart and the Radar did not always agree. Even the Satelite pictures were out of date.

With wind and current against us we slowly motored 7 hours around to Admiral Cove Marina

No problems getting a berth, so we tied up, checked in then headed for the pool. Dress regulations in the pool were a bit ambiguous about bikinis but Lea snuck in anyway.

Drinks and dinner at the Sailors Bar catching up with everyone. Lea arranged a taxi to Malacca for tomorrow.