Tuesday November 2

Big kids at heart and my favourite childhood toy, so Legoland was a must and it was only around the corner.

Even had its own hotel.

We headed straight for the water park and enjoyed a few hours hurtling about getting wet.

Well some parts were not quite at hurling speed.

When the bucket tilts it's guaranteed to knock the little tackers of their feet. Good entertainment!

Then it was off to more serious displays. The whole Star Wars story was told in Lego! Fantastic!
Lea even found a Lego replica of her dear departed George.

There were a few roller coaster's we enjoyed and fortunately they were not made of Lego but the scene stealer was the model scenes from all over Asia.

Even Anckor Wat, Cambodia.

Kevin enjoyed a day with no beer and only an occasional smoke in the little yellow squares designated for smoking.

The gardens throughout the complex were stunning and as it was a Monday we virtually had the place to ourselves.

A very enjoyable day!

Tuesday November 3

Quiet day with a few jobs done in the morning. The girls headed of to the Aeon Shopping Complex. Kevin settled into the Belgian Beer Cafe and secured his place as their best customer. Darren, the barman, even gave him an Octoberfest Stein because he was such a good customer. I rebuilt the leaking Genset raw water pump for the umteenth time.

Special dinner out at Spice & Grill Indian Restaurant. Kevin had a coffee for entree then retired to the boat to pass out. Fantastic meal enjoyed by the remaining 3 of us.

Wednesday November 4

Off to Singapore via an Uber Taxi to JB CIQ. Crossed over to Singapore. Kevin forgot to declare his smokes and got pulled up by Customs. Fortunately he only had to pay the tax on them.

No luggage lockers available so we went to our hotel to check in and Kevin and Leanne went to the airport to check their luggage in. Agreed to meet at harbourfront at 1500.

Lea and I had time to explore Sim Lim Square and Tower for high tech goodies. Finally got a new AIS antenna.

Joining back up with Kevin and Leanne we headed for Sentosa via cable car.

Started at the East end of the Island at Fort Siloso which was significant in the Japanese Occupation in WWII.
Madame Tousades wax museum is also on the island and there were LifeSize model scenes of both the British surrender to the Japanese and the subsequent Japenese surrender 3.5 years later. Very interesting!

From the top of the Fort the views across to Singapore showed some amazing architecture.

Soon it was time to say goodbye to Kevin and Leanne. We stayed on for Lea to have a go at “I Fly”, the free fall simulator, and the sound and light show.

All dressed up for her maiden flight.

Flying! Only took 146 km/hr wind to sweep her off her feet. I'm sure I didn't have to blow that hard!

The light, laser, sound and water show was awesome.

Even fireworks for the grand finale.

Retired to our hotel room with a nice bottle of wine. Good end to a busy day.

Thursday November 5

Lea and I had time to explore Little India and then China town. We both resisted the urge to spend money on more “stuff”. Even though it was really good “stuff” like fold up bikes, new HF Radio and Garmin Vivo Active watches.

Then off toward Raffles Marina to pick up some new engine parts. I wanted a new thermostat for the Starboard engine to see if I could get it to run any cooler. Port runs around 85C but Starboard up closer to 90C and oil pressure drops a bit at this temp.

Found the engine part place at the back of some high rise complex in the middle of the new Tuas Industrial Estate. Thought we would walk on to the Marina after that but it was very hot and roadworks everywhere made navigation difficult. Arrived at Raffles Marina a bit frazzled and in no mood to put up with crap service, warm beer and shit food. Lea vented her displeasure on FB. Pretty swanky building though.

She did, however, enjoy a swim in the pool while I checked out the Chandlery.

Ran into Grant and Leslie (Cattiva) and agreed to share their taxi back to Puteri Marina. Enjoyed a few drinks while waiting and had a brief catch up with Carol and Richard (Pedro 3) who were staying at Raffles Marina.

Much easier way to get home than MRT and bus.

Friday November 6

Boat day with Lea cleaning and me fitting new thermostat and AIS antenna. Then joint attack on the black streaks on the hull sides.

Rally briefing after dinner followed by drinks with Peter and Denise (Reverie) back on board in Airconditioned comfort. We were doing well without the AC until Kevin and Leanne needed it. Now we are addicted.