Saturday, Sunday October 24, 25

We missed the wind. The night was calm and hot, unlike the last few nights with strong winds during the night. We had decided to do an overnight passage to Kentar Island 170 Nm away. Hopefully our last night passage of the trip.

Good breeze on the beam initially but this soon dropped away and swung back to the SE leaving us running on nothing. Motorsailed for much of the morning and early afternoon until there was enough to drift along under Spinnaker at about 4 kts.

Lots of FAD's along the Bangka Island coast but we left all these behind and had a clear run overnight. Only one tug with a long tow caused any concern as he didn't have the correct lights.

Sea Monkey had engine trouble and was taken in tow by Conrad.

The breeze picked up overnight and for a few hours we had a great reach under Main and Screecher. The wind backed and died again so we struggled along for a while with the Screecher goose winged. The moon set around 0300 Sunday morning and it became pitch black apart from dull flashes that appeared in the corner of your eye from all directions. The radar showed rain squalls about 35 Nm to the NE. I didn't like the feel of it so rounded up, dumped the Main and continued on under motor. Lea slept through it all. Fortunately nothing came of it. The Lightning above the low clouds didn't develop into anything nasty.

At dawn the wind still didn't come in so the Spinnaker went back up mid morning when we finally got some breeze. We were warned about a long Fishermans net across our path by HBGB. They crossed over it ok without snagging and radios a waypoint for it. As we approached we cut the motor, rounded up and ran along it for a while and then decided to cross it. No problem as the net was suspended well below us and supported by floats every 50m or so. Passed on the info to boats behind.

We crossed the equator under Spinnaker in a gentle breeze doing about 4kts. Had a glass of Champagne and gave one to Neptune with a toast. Lea tried to photograph the Chartplotter GPS readout but failed to capture 00 00.000. Shutter speed was too slow.

We crossed at 1200:01 Jakarta time. lea thought this auspicious.

The anchorage at Kentar was only a few miles further on and we settled in there and enjoyed a swim and the rest of the Champagne.

Party on board Ocelot that night. Much discussion about Sea Monkey's engine repair and the best route to and across the Singapore Strait. Not sure what the girls talked about.

Monday October 26

Lay day planned. A boys convention aboard Millenium evolved, to come up with a solution to Sea Monkey's water pump repair. John (who had only arrived during the night) was skilfully encouraged to take on the project. After all he does have nearly a full workshop on board.

After successfully repairing Sea Monkeys water pump, John and Sukenyana hosted a great party on Millenium.

Tuesday October 27

We were hoping for a nice beam reach with a NE up Selat Temiang but no such luck. Heavy mist and smoke reduced vis to about a mile and it got stiflingly hot. We enjoyed a brief rain squall but then the current turned against us at 1-2 kts. Gave up early and anchored of Abang Besar in the early afternoon. Good holding in 6m over clean sand but a bit exposed..

Welcome swim followed by dinner aboard Kalili. Lloyd had caught a good Smackeral so we had a fish and chip night.

Wednesday October 28

Heavy thunderstorm during the night. Katrina off Evolution NT was on the ball and checking the radar due to the Lightning. She gave us all the heads up on a big squall coming. Fortunately it went north of us but Alba and Sea Monkey who were anchored further north copped it and reported 30-40 it gusts.

Started the day with a good close hauled race north against Ocean Jaywalker an Oyster 43. Man those boats can point. Got him on the end though. Who says cats don't point? By the time we got to Combol, the wind had tide and the tide had set against us making for very slow going.

We had some tricky navigation along the SW coast of Palau Kepalajerih. Flomaide had reported an uncharted reef a few days early and. Pedro 3 leading the way avoided that one only to find another not far away. We decided to take another route dog legging between 2 small islands that seemed clearer. The satellite pictures of the area were a bit obscured by cloud. Local fishermen had marked the reefs and rocks with stakes, so we had no problem with this route.

We were very relieved to arrive at our last anchorage in Indonesia in company with Pedro 3, Cattiva, Cattamini, Alba, OJ and Kalili.

OJ and Kalili joined us for dinner and we celebrated a great time in Indonesia.

Thursday October 29

Would have been better for the tides to wait until 0800 but we were all toey and keen to leave by 0630. Didn't bother with the Main as there was not much breeze.

We attacked the Singapore Strait at its narrowest point first crossing the east bound lane into the safety of the NIPA Emergency anchorage area. The AIS was invaluable here as it calculated the approach vectors of all converging ships. Evolution NT tucks in behind this ship and crosses over safely.

We crossed behind this ship.

The second part, crossing the west bound lane was delayed as we had picked up a large lump of seaweed around the port propellor. Cleared this with a boat hook, then ducked behind a couple of ships and crossed over to the Singapore side. Had to look both ways here as ships were travelling in both directions. We had 566 AIS contacts within 20 Nm of us to deal with.

Next was a left turn to follow close to the Singapore coast then a right turn into the Johor Strait, dodging a couple of tugs towing barges with Cattiva not far behind. This was very busy and above the second causeway, fishing boats were dropping their nets in the river right in front of us. We dodged them with lots of good natured waving and pointing with the local fishermen. 12 Nm up the Strait we entered Puteri Harbour Marina.

This is a beautiful harbour surrounded by high rise hotels, apartments and restaurants.

Immigration was across the road at the International Ferry Terminal. Shame the ferry to Singapore wasn't running.

Used lots of water to wash down the boat for the first time in 3 months. Retired to the nearby Belgian Beer Restaurant and enjoyed a few ales and a good feed.

Friday October 30

Washing cleaning and relaxing.

Saturday October 31

Had fun working our way through Malaysian immigration then into Singapore. Combo of bus and MRT and we were in the centre of town. Had time for a brief look at all the hi tech goodies in SimLin Square and Tower before meeting up with Kevin and Leanne.

Then it was straight to Raffles Hote for the customary Gin Sling and peanuts in the Long Bar.

Enjoyed exploring the sights and fabulous architecture of Marina Sands, Singapore.

Then it was time for journey back to Malaysia and the boat. Rain storms, missing bus stops and long waits made it a tiring end to the day but we got there.

Monday November 1

Easy day around Puteri Harbour then shopping at Aeon for Kevin's beer.