Sunday, October 4

Not as much smoke this morning and a Kingfisher was watching. Lots of laughs over breakfast about snoring. The accusation was that I was the worst offender. Very sad news from Ami this morning. His paternal Grandmother had passed away. As the head of the family he was required to leave and attend to funeral arrangements. Ami's grandmother was a highly respected elder of the Dayaks and Ami was very close to her. A speed boat was sent to pick him up to return to Kumai. The only good news was that Wati arranged for the forgotten Tuak and Arak to be delivered to us via the same speed boat. We all felt his loss and the cruise wasn't quite the same without his smiling face and enthusiastic wildlife spotting.

We visited Feeding Station 2 after saying goodbye to Ami.

As we were warned nothing was happening there. we waited over an hour but no Orangutans turned up. Andy got bored and chased butterfly's all over the place trying to get photos. We soon got fidgety and restless and returned to the boat. At least it was a nice walk.

Enough says Lea!
While Christof takes another power nap.

Onward to the village that had been relocated as a result of the creation of the NP. It was a well laid out village with street lighting and power, medical centre and paved roads. However, the atmosphere was not welcoming. It was the first time in Indonesia that we have felt uncomfortable. Glad to leave.

We all wanted to revisit Feeding Station 1 on the way back down River. After a short wait we were entertained by numerous Orangutans. Females with their baby's and juveniles together with an amorous male copulating with a seemingly embarrassed female nearly over our heads.

It was nearly dark by the time we exited the Sekonyer River and got back to the boats. All was well after a fantastic 3 days with great people and unbelievable wildlife.

Big thanks to our cook and crew.