Thursday September 24

Quiet day today recovering from the dreaded BB. Did get over to Pedro 3 to install the latest updated KAP files From Jon off Ocelot for the Belitung Region. Lea did a Michelle Bridges workout and enjoyed some quiet time. Sue off Oclelot has lent us some books about Borneo and the Orangutans in particular. Similar story to Jane Goodal with the Chimpanzees & Dian Fossy with the gorillas. Richard off Pedro 3 came to get water after an unsuccessful day trying to repair his watermaker.

Watched the local practicing in their racing dinghies.

They sail really well with their builders plastic sails.

Friday September 25

Peter and Denise off Reverie came over for morning coffee. Good to catch up with them again as they had been lagging behind and got further delayed in Medana with their Visa renewals.

Ashore we caught up with Richard and Carol for a wander through town. Dagmar of Flomeida had been trying to arrange a cooking class but after checking out the place she found the kitchen dirty and decided not to book. Lea and Carol found another place that checked out ok and booked it for the following morning.

Grant and Les back but now Les has the dreaded BB. Grant worked on Pedro 3's watermaker with Richard and they got it going again by re- energising piston lip seals with cut to suit “O” rings. Big relief for Carol and Richard to have it going again.

Peter and Denise came over for sundowners, then we joined Richard and Carol, Chistof and Dagmar for dinner ashore. Only average food compared to what we have enjoyed so far in Bali.

Lea made friends with the local stray.

Saturday September 26

Girls up early to start the cooking class with Wayan. After choosing 2 recipes each they were off to the market to get all fresh produce for the 10 dishes the 5 girls were going to produce. Wayan negotiated prices at the Pasar and got got everything much cheaper than we usually do. Lea bought a 40cm Mahi Mahi for 15000Rp. Chicken and pork was sold by the no bones weight. No special cuts or fancy fillets here, just slabs of meat. They spent an hour at the market then returned to Wayan's kitchen at Warung Jegeg on the main road.

Work started with peeling the tiny onions (shallots), garlic, ginger and turmeric. Wayan then made up small plates of the fresh ingredients in each of their respective dishes. The girls then had to finely chop and with mortar and pestle grind up the spices for the sauces, under Wayan's watchful eye.

Lea and Carol hard at work.


The girls had a ball and just needed a Bamix or a food processor to cut the prep time down. They reckon it would save about 80% of prep time. Still it made them appreciate how much time goes into each dish.. Once the prep was done the cooking commenced and with 10 dishes to do it was quite a logistical excercise on the small 4 burner gas rings.

Lea was surprised how much palm oil, sugar and salt was used. It was impossible to get all 10 meals out hot but it didn't matter as the flavours were still fresh and the taste was great. Us men arrived at the Warung about 1130 expecting an early lunch. However, it took a bit longer and we didn't sit down to eat for another hour. The cooking part took just on 4 hours. The meal was fantastic and there were lots of compliments to our sous chefs and many congratulations to Wayan for her calm and thorough teaching.

A social night onboard Gemini Lady catching up with Kalli and Ocelot. Went on until 2200 so we skipped dinner and went to bed.

Sunday September 27

Our boat boy Damon picked up another load of laundry from us early and promised to get it delivered back that afternoon. We then headed in to the market for some fresh supplies. A stop at the German bakery for bread and coffee. Joined by Sue, Graham and Julie.

Back on Gemini Lady Grant dropped by and asked if we wanted to go swimming. He had found a nice pool at a resort suitable for some laps. An hour later we were off with him for swimming. The Hawkers this far down the beach were really fierce and a bit annoying. Grant and Lea did their 50 laps of the 20m pool. I did a few but still feeling a bit weak after the BB attack. Naturally we had to have a Bintang post swim.

Picked up Les from Cattiva then headed in for a nice lunch with just the 4 of us.

We were VIP guests for the opening ceremony of the Lovina Beach Festival and the parade got underway about 1500. The traditional music, dancing and costumes were spectacular and it was good to see community education schemes for litter, recycling, over fishing and AIDs all getting good coverage in the parade.


We then enjoyed a dinner with the Governor in the nearby Pavillion. It was a great finish to our stay on Bali. We retired early for our 0300 start tomorrow. Looking forward to my Pork Chops tomorrow night. Bit tired of Indonesian Food.