Thursday September 10

An early start with Cattiva and Pedro 3. The wind came in and we enjoyed a nice broad reach for a few hours. The wind dropped out before lunch so we motored on over the lazy swell and passed through the straight to the south of Gilli Lawang then up to the anchorage. The reefs were easy to see as it was almost low tide. The anchorage was quite small and tight. Cattiva decided it was too tight and moved back to the southern anchorage with Buffalo Nickel a big American power boat on the Sail 2 Indonesia Rally.

The temperature rose and it became quite stifling as the breeze dropped out completely. The water was murky and not very appealing. We anchored in 5m and couldn't see the bottom. Lots of mangroves, reefs, local fishing boats and bats.

We took a rain check on drinks with Pedro 3 and enjoyed an early night.

Friday September 11

Followed our track out of the anchorage. Heart rate was up as we couldn't discern the reefs and depth came up to 4m at one stage. Pedro 3 followed us out closely. No wind at all for the whole 40 Nm to Medana Bay. Motored past the rugged volcanic peaks of Lombok.


The anchorage was filling but Pedro 3 struck it lucky and got a mooring. We put out 60m plus the bridle in 20m of water over sand. A bit of swell was rolling in to the open bay and the mono's especially were rolling severely. Ashore we got the lay of the land and met Peter the marina/resort owner. Nice grounds with a restaurant and shop. Soon had everything organised for a refuel tomorrow and paperwork for visa extensions. Settled in at the restaurant for a Bintang. Lea has become quite a beer drinker these days.

Peter drove Lea, Carol and Grant out to the ATM for cash and gave them a bit of a tour and shared some of his experiences in Indonesia. Food was cheap and good making cooking on the boat unnessary.

Seig of Sorceress was down in the dumps over a snapped stud in his exhaust manifold. He had managed to drill it out and retap the hole but he couldn't find a bolt that fit. I went to have a look and found that half the 20mm depth of thread was useless. Discussed it with Grant and we promised Seig we would have it fixed in the morning one way or another. Very rolly in the anchorage when the wind died.

Saturday September 12

Off early to help Pedro 3 back into a marina pen Med style to take on 2100l of fuel. I dropped the anchor as Richard backed in, stopping just before the stern hit the jetty in the surging swell. Tense stuff but all went smooth. Then Grant and I were off to Sorceress. In the end we re tapped the hole to suit a10mm bolt, up from 8mm and re drilled the manifold. Had the right bolt just had to shorten it to 38mm. All went well and got clean new thread the whole way in to 20mm. Should never be a problem again.

We had swung too close to the big Aluminium yacht Dana Felicia during the night so we went out to retrieve Pedro 3's dinghy and put Gemini Lady on the mooring. Then it was a hive of activity on the dock as loads of fuel arrived in 35l containers and were pumped aboard Pedro 3. The jerries arrived on a ute, transferred to hand cart then manoeuvred to the back of Pedro where Richard had a 12V pump and hose to suck the deisel out of the jerries into the tanks. Still a messy job and we all stank of diesel at the end. Lea helped count the literage that came aboard.

We then transferred 200l out to Gemini Lady and put 120l into the tanks. Also picked up 30l of Premium Unleaded for the outboard.

Subdued dinner at the restaurant as we were all stuffed.

Sunday September 13

Lea had a cleaning morning while I went to Cattiva to install OpenCPN and Kap files on their laptop. Richard and Carol headed off for a “rest” at the Sheridan Hotel.

After a lunch at the marina restaurant and dropping off the laundry. Lea, Grant, Leslie and I ordered a taxi to Sengigi to join Richard and Carol at the Sheridan. Our taxi was met at the boom gate by security staff who checked all over and under the car with a large mirror before we were allowed into the grounds of the hotel.

We found Carol and Richard in the beachside bar watching the footy. They were pleased that we'd come and Carol was so excited about having a 5 star break from her 5 star boat. The hotel grounds and pool were beautiful.

However, the wind was up and quite cool so a swim didn't appeal. After cocktails for the girls and a couple of beers while Grant and I had a game of chess, we headed upstairs to check out their suite.


Carol had layed champagne on ice for the girls and Bintangs for the boys. Lots of fun and photos made us late for dinner.


We had a prime beachfront table and Carol and Richard had ordered a Seafood Steamboat meal for us as a thank you for helping with the refuel. Not necessary, so we agreed that Grant and I would split the drinks bill.

3 steamboats were sitting on the table with their own induction hot plate and the waiters bought out 6 beautifully arranged platters of raw seafood, vegetables and rice noodles.

It was then up to us to cook it. Lots more laughs as we really didn't know what we were doing. However, with help from the staff we thoroughly enjoyed the meal,even splurging on a bottle of wine for the girls at $90.00AUD for a common Aussie SSB.

Taxi back to the marina that was all asleep when we arrived back and started all the dogs barking.

Monday September 14

Cattiva headed off to Gilli Air for some surfing. I judged that the weather would be too rough so we decided to stay another day here. We borrowed Dagmar and Christoph's (Flomaide) Brompton Folding Bikes and went for a ride along the very busy main road into the nearby small town. It was a double land road with minimum verge but the locals were very polite, slowed down and gave us plenty of room. Lea reckons her blond pony tail helped. The driving over here may seem crazy with all rules and traffic signals mere guidelines, but all the drivers are very polite and considerate. Horn blowing is just to let others know you are there. No road rage here.

We travelled the 6km into town with ease and comfort on these smallest of folding bikes. They had large baskets in front that we filled with bananas. It was great to ride again and we were impressed with the bikes. Looks like I know what the Xmas presents will be this year.

Lunch back at the Marina then out to Gemini Lady for some hull cleaning. The little bit of diesel I spilt yesterday had run down the hull sides and left yellow stains.

I then spent an hour and a half under water with the hookah cleaning the waterline, legs and props. Back to the restaurant for dinner catching up with Andy and Sue (Spruce) and Graham and Julie ( New Views).

Big news of the evening was Malcolm Turnbull becoming Prime Minister. Hope he can sort things out.

Tuesday Spetember 15

We were going to head off to Gilli Air for a few days while our passports were being processed but our interview times for photographs and fingerprints came through for 0830 Wednesday morning so not worth losing our well positioned mooring, especially with another 6 boats expected in today.

We helped Marathon Lady get positioned and settled on the marina pontoon for an extended stay. Russell and Rob are off to Bali to catch up with there respective wives. Coffee on shore while the taxi came to take us, Graham and Julie (New Views) to Sengigi for an explore and lunch. As soon as we stepped out of the taxi we were accosted by Hawkers. Julie bought some nice handmade cards while we cashed up at the ATM.

We explored the town which has very little apart from nightclubs, bars and restaurants, then walked along the beachfront checking out all the resorts. Lea had spotted Cafe Alberto in a local magazine so we headed there for lunch. Right on the beach with a wood fired oven for pizza and a swimming pool. Unfortunately the pizzas were only done in the evening but we still enjoyed a fabulous Italian Lunch completed with Lemon Chello. Lea and Julie then jumped in the pool for a swim.


We wandered about a bit more ( jalan jalan) and made our way back to the Marina via taxi. About $13.00 AUD each way . All taxis are metered so no problem.

The taxi drivers jaw dropped when he saw all the boats at Medana Bay. He couldn't believe there were so many foreign yachts about.

There was a great atmosphere at the restaurant that night with lots more boats arriving. Some, who had done the northern route, we had not seen for nearly a month. Also caught up with old friends, Kalili, Reverie and Blue Sky. The restaurant struggled a bit under the load but managed to get everybody fed.

Wednesday September 16

0700 on the marina for our trip to Mataram to visit the Immigration Offices. Grant and Leslie dinghied over from Gilli Air. Grant had been having a wonderful time SUP surfing. The drive took over an hour up though the mountains with monkeys on the roadside. The monkeys seem to be a bit smarter than our Kangaroos and Wombats as we saw no road kill. Although narrow in places the road was quite good for a change.

Our appointment was for 0830 but we had to wait until 0930 for them to get organised and get the process started. A digital photo ( no bare shoulders for the girls), digital fingerprints and digital signature were all recorded. We are not sure what the Indonesian Government does with this info as their use of digital technology seems far in advance of their record keeping and organisational abilities.

After Immigration we spent time shopping and browsing at the large Mataram Mall where we ran into other friends from the Rally with different appointment times. Fantastic Supermarket at the Mall but Lea's provisioning is going well and we didn't need anything. A feature here is the live seafood tanks where you choose your fish still alive. The ultimate in Fresh Food People. Tough decision for lunch between KFC or MacDonalds. Carol, Richard, Lea and I went for KFC and it was better than home and half the price.

On the way back we chased down a few parts for the boats. Grant needed a new battery and outboard gear lever. I picked up a large bilge pump for Graham (New Views). Back at the marina we descended on Molly to pick up our fresh supplies.

Dissapointed that she had forgotten yesterday's visit and change of plans and pick up time so our stuff was'nt ready. However, it was all soon put together and loaded aboard the dinghy. While waiting Lea purchased 2 Bintang Steins from the bar. After saying goodbye to Peter the Marina owner and thanking him for a great and welcome facility, we chased Pedro 3 over to Gilli Air in the late afternoon while Lea packed away the new supplies.

Arrived at Gilli Air in less than an hour and picked up a mooring. A quick swim to cool off before Grant and Leslie (Cattiva) and Richard and Carol (Pedro 3) arrived for dinner. We had prepared a Massaman Curry a few days ago and had cryovaced and had it with fresh rye bread from Molly. Another great night.

Thursday September 17

Onshore early for a run/walk around Gilli Air. First place in a long time we felt comfortable ashore in running gear. Sand patches slowed us down in places. After breakfast and a few jobs we were of following Grant to the reef towing the SUP's behind the dinghy. Tide was still a bit low so we snorkelled about for a while. Lea was a bit concerned as the surf break was over the reef but Grant was into it so I followed. First time in surf on our SUP's and I had taken Lea's as its was designed for surfing. Grant, at day 3 of surfing, was doing really well. He was starting to stand,up on the good waves while I stayed low on the knees. I managed to get a few good rides. Took a few spills as well but fell rigid and avoided losing skin on the reef. Lea lent the other SUP to a local boy and he was stoked and did very well. As we found on Kroko Sand Spit, these guys are natural athletes.

Lea plucked up the courage to have a go so we got the board back from the local guy and Lea went out on her board. I got back out on mine but found the extra buoyancy and size more a handicap than an asset. Lea's board is designed for surfing and has more rocker. Good fun but as I got more tired the closer I kept getting to the little bommie sticking up from the reef. Time to call it quits. Grant stayed out another hour and probably got a case of sunstroke besides.

Back on the boat we got rocked around by the coming and goings of the day boats and then headed ashore for drinks and dinner. Had drinks (beer for the boys and cocktails for the girls). Cocktails were 2 for the price of 1 so I finished Lea's second 1 and needed a minder to walk to the restaurant. Carol and Leslie looked after me while Lea went to check the dinghies. Had a great meal at Scallywags, selecting our choice from the BBQ bar.

Friday September 18

Good intentions of another run around the Island soon evaporated as the effects of the previous run, surfing on knees and a big night out entered our consciousness upon awakening. Settled for a quiet morning with me loading books onto Cattiva and Pedro 3's laptops and a couple of swims to cool down. Grant went off for another surf but I judged the condition as poor and my health as poor so passed on that one. Richard and Carol set off to explore the neighbouring Island, Gilli Meno but called us to say they were marooned at a bar on the NW tip of the Island and hadn't made it across the strait (Selat). We dinghied ashore, walked to the NW corner of the island and enjoyed a couple of Bintangs while the tide went down and the breeze dropped out.

We walked back while Richard and Carol,made a quick trip out to Gilli Meno, reminiscing about a previous visit many years ago. We took the back way found lots of Pony's at work and some lovely buildings.

Sunset was stunning revealing the volcano in the western background we hadn't even noticed.

Quiet night on board with roast lamb and an episode of Game of Thrones.

Saturday September 19

Spent the morning over at Gilli T. lots of current made picking up moorings difficult. Once we were secure we dropped the dinghy in and went over to Cattiva to help them pick up a mooring. The tide had changed and the current was becoming fierce.

On shore it was wall to wall dive resorts, restaurants and bars. Even this early it was all hustle and bustle.


We had a leisurely walk along the esplanade dodging the many pony carts, bicycles and pedestrians. We stopped at the turtle pools where they are growing out baby turtles for release into the wild. It was feeding time and the local cat calling for her share.

Lea was looking for a nice place with good coffee, free WiFi and a pool. We scored 2 out 3. No pool. Discussed our plans and decided leave Lombok and head off to Bali.