Wednesday April 29

Off early to try to catch the tide with us through Middle Rock Passage where it can be 3-5 kts against you if you get it wrong. Breeze came in nicely and we got through ok just after slack water so didn't have to fight it too much.

Arrived off the DC 3 anchorage and anchored well offshore as per cruising notes. Suspect we could have gone in closer. Dinghied in and found the track to the wreck. This was a WW2 DC3 that made an emergency landing here after crew got lost flying from Perth to Broome.

All in remarkably good condition considering bush fires



Headed down to Maia Cove for the night as breeze was supposed to come up again. Visited by a big Lemon Shark that scared the hell out of Lea.

Thursday April 30

Smokey and hazy again due to nearby fires that glowed throughout the night. Off to Jar Island for a cultural experience! It was a bit tricky negotiating around the Pearl Farm with the bottom jumping up from 18M to 4M to grab us. Wind was SE so we tucked in behind the island and found a 14M deep area well north of the recommended anchorage that seemed to have a smooth mud bottom.

Off to explore the W side art site

Just tricking, this was a real live gecko. However, we did find lots of rock art.

After exploring the West side of the Island we dinghied around to the NW corner and left the dinghy a little beach and started walking to the Northern Site. It was a bit further than we thought but it was a good walk, rock hopping around the points and bays looking for more rock art.
This one was under a low ledge and Lea had to crawl under for the photo.

Good workout for the day. We then exited around the Pearl Lease and passed the mother ship.

and sailed up to Freshwater Bay. Put the Main up for the first time in ages and enjoyed a fast blast at 9-10 kts close reaching with a 15kt ENE. Here we enjoyed a refreshing bath at the rock pools.

Watermaker decided to play up and divert all the good water we were producing overboard. Pulled out the manuals and identified the problem as the Diversion Valve. Plenty of acces to fresh water so leave that problem for another day.

Friday May 1st

Back to the pools for washing and fresh water. I did 3 dinghy trips with 40 litres of water each time while Lea washed all the sheets, towels and clothes. We planned to tackle Cape Bougainville today and we're waiting to catch the last of the ebb and then pick up the flood on the other side. I scrubbed and scrapped off all the long green fringe that had grown on the waterline.

Early lunch then off again. All went well with another good sail, after motoring out of Freshwater Bay, Broad reaching all the way as the wind backed to the NE as we rounded the Cape and headed into the wide open expanses of Parry Harbour. Another beautiful peacefull night with a near full moon and calm.