Saturday April 25

Nice hazy sunny morning and we were up early and in the dinghy to survey the route into the inner bay while to tide was still low. We used the hand held GPS to mark positions and the boat hook to check depth. Lea wondered if pole dipping might attract crocs. we found a reasonable route in at a 1.2m tide at Leseur Island. Any tide above 2.0m should get us in ok. The waterfall up in the inner bay was running strong

We had planned to stay a day or 2 here to shelter from the Strong wind warning but that would have meant losing the chance to do a daylight rounding of Cape Londonderry. So we had to keep going. Our plan was to arrive at the Cape 1-2 hours after HW Leseur Island about 1.30 pm.

Lea made a big batch of pesto with all the fresh Basil we were given by “True North”. Not a lot of breeze so we left 1/2 hour early. Called up by Customs on “Cape Nelson” and had a bit of a chat.

The breeze came in and so we reduced sail to slow down. The East flowing ebb can create really rough seas around the Cape with a strong E breeze. We wanted slack water and to pick up the flood tide on the other side of the Cape. All went well and we had a pretty smooth ride with the wind, very conveniently, backing to the NE as we turned down toward Cape Talbot, our anchorage for the night.

Big strike on the fishing line saw our favourite Lazer Pro lure and trace disappear completely.

Cape Talbot was a lovely stretch of beach and we went ashore to explore and fish. Lots of turtle nests.

Caught my first Mangrove Jack but he was a bit small so he went back.

Back at the boat we had a visitor checking us out. Our first siting of a big crock

Sunset was beautiful.

Sunday April 26

Strong SE forecast today so we headed off early with just the Genoa. Breeze soon came in hard to 27kts and we had a bouncy passage down to the Govenor Islands. Decided to try the anchorage here until the wind eased but it was not a comfortable as we expected. After lunch the wind eased so we continued on to Mission Bay so we could explore the ruins of the old Pago Mission that operated there from 1915 to 1935.

Monday April 17

Nights are cooler now so we actually sleep under a sheet. The breeze is forecast at 30kts this morning so we decide to wait a while before our walk. The wind never really happened so we set off to the beach then along the road to the old mission site. Not much left there now but we found some mango trees, shell grit block flooring and a well.

Apparently the settlement was abandoned due to insufficient fresh water. It moved to the present day Kalumburu Site.

After lunch Lea sailed us around to McGowans while I got the blog up to date as we might get internet access there. We both forgot about the fishing line and by the time we anchored it was all wrapped up around the port prop. Shit! And many other choice words spoken. Unwound some line off the prop by taping it into forward gear. (It had wrapped up in reverse as we pulled back. Hopefully, we have got away with it. Thought we could beach Gemini Lady tomorrow and sort it out if not.

Went ashore to check out the fuel station

and meet the Camp Caretakers Alex and Bob. Had a good chat as I uploaded the blog posts. Dark by the time we got back to the boat.

Tuesday April 28

Up early to rig the underwater video camera. Nearly forgotten had it. Kept blowing fuses but eventually got it working and viewed a big spool of line around the saildrive shaft just in front of the prop. Bugger! Can't leave it there as it will eventually chop out the seals of the saildrive.

Restless M motored in a s we were planning to beach Gemini Lady. They called us over for fish and coffee. They had had a bumper fishing day yesturday and we're happy to share. Went over and had the best coffee ever. Met Errol and Claire and their friends Grant and Anne. Grant and Anne have a Priviledge 495 back at the Gold Coast. I commented on Restless M as we arrived at the King George River but we found them delightful people. Errol and Claire have been cruising this area for over 25 years and know it well. Restless M was an 84 foot work boat that they totally stripped and rebuilt in 2004. Magnificent job that is now their home. She carries 35000 litres diesel, 2000 litres ULP and 20000 litres water. 3 Gensets, Backup engine that will drive main shaft via hydraulics. Very impressive fit out.

We discussed our fishing line problem and they agreed stand croc watch while I removed the line from the prop. We departed with 10 nice fillets of Mangrove Jack.

Errol and Grant were soon over in their dinghy.

I went down with the Hookah and spent about 20 minutes cutting and unwinding the line. Tough Stuff!
The offending line removed.
Then off to shore for more Internet feeling much happier.
Quite a menagerie complete with resident Emu's
One boat came in to load fuel from the beach side tanker. We did our 130 litres of diesel and 20 ULP with jerries.

Party night! with Errol and Claire

and Grant and Anne

They bought over 2 large platefuls of Fish and Chips. Luxury!

Restless M