Saturday April 11

We had a peacefull night and the temperature dropped to 25 degrees C., making it very comfortable. We woke to smoke haze from the burning off.

By 0730 the forecast southerly had come in to clear the air and we had the time zones and tide times sorted out so we headed in following the KCCYC waypoints. The tide height as we crossed was 3.1 metres and we encountered 2.7 metres. It would appear that the low rainfall wet season hasn't scoured out the channel much.

Berkley River Lodge was a hive of activity with vehicles on the beach, boats being prepared and a helicopter buzzing about. We waved and moved on up to First Creek, anchoring just off the entrance in 6m. Took the dinghy up to the waterfall and the top of the creek.

The falls were flowing well and the tide was almost at high so we could leave the dinghy by the ledge on the left side of the falls. We walked up the cascades above the falls and stripped off to swim over to the upstream ledge to walk further upstream. Beautiful scenery.


Our new Keen Amphibious Sandals were great and very comfortable for hiking in.

Back for lunch onboard and a relaxing afternoon staying out of the sun and heat. Sent position email via HF with good speed on 14Meg at about 1700.

Sundowners on the front deck and pitch black by 1830. Fly screens in but the bugs get through.

Sunday April 12 Paul's Creek

Dropped to 22 degrees during the night. Bliss! Up at 0600 to use the heavy dew to clean the salt off the decks from the Gulf crossing.

Motored with the flood tide up to Paul's Creekonly about 3 NM upstream. Again anchored in the Main River opposite the entrance in 10 metres.

Lea saw one of the small Dolphins native to the area heading upstream.

After coffee we set off up Paul's Creek 2 hours before high tide to give us about a 4 hour envelope to explore. We dingied right up to the lovely small falls at the head of the creek dodging a few rocks along the way.

We nosed right into the falls and Lea filled the washing bucket for later, both of getting refreshing soaked as well.

Back downstream we tied up the dinghy to a big rock and climbed up to the escarpment with the aid of a thick rope conveniently and kindly placed by someone previously.

We then followed a path of rock cairns to the top of the falls. We continued on to the second falls where there was a lovely little lap pool for us with nice cool shade next to it.

We swam and relaxed here for an hour after briefly exploring further upstream.

Back to Gemini Lady and on other lazy afternoon out of the sun. The sandflies are bad news and they love Lea. She has 30 bites on 1 leg alone. I think the total count today was 53. The itchiness drives her to distraction. Hopefully we will build immunity especially as we forgot to bring any antihistamines. Early to bed after fumigation. Having lights on at night is a problem. Even as I write this the bugs are attracted to the iPad screen.

Monday April 13 Casaurina Creek

Clean up the thousands of dead insects first then move another mile up river to the entrance to Casaurina Creek. Anchored in the main river to get the most breeze and recon the creek. There is a spectacular anchorage here in the deep hole in front of the waterfall but that can wait until we have had a good look around. Packed lunch and set off to explore.

First we went up to the main waterfall and filled the 2 jerries.

Then back to the scree slope to climb up to the plateau.

The path was well marked with little rock cairns and gave us great views over the fall and upper pools.


The spinafex grass on the legs irrited the hell out of our sandfly bites.

We explored up the creek looking for aboriginal art and a good place for a swim.

We found some art on the north side of the creek but missed any on the south side.

We did find a lovely little place but swim but after returning down the scree slope we cooled off again under the main falls

On the way back to the boat we speed this lovely shaded grotto.

Driven inside by the bugs at dusk. Ritual Genset hour with an episode of Homeland and the fan on.