Next day first stop was Roberton Island (Moturohia Island) for a walk as the clouds rolled. Still warm though.


Then on to visit Russell a very quaint little town.

Then off again to Assassination Cove to visit Paul's friends whose Batch is perched high on a ridge overlooking the Bay of Islands. The house was build with the help of a helicopter and barge as there is no road access.

Sunset in Assassination Bay. Longline and Steve had provided us with a few small snapper to enjoy as entree

News of threat from cyclone Lusi encourages us to head back towards Auckland.

Light winds up to Cape Brett then slowly filled in allowing us to get all the way down to Whangarei Harbour.

Fish on but only another Skipjack tuna.

Up early for another walk.

Then sailed down to Kawau Island.

Paul's partner Zuny and her daughter Sarah came across by ferry to join us. Party Night!

Longline out again with little success. I reckon we have spent $50.00 on bait to catch $10.00 worth of fish. Paul had another dive (I had come down with a bad cold so couldn't dive) but only found 1 small cray so he put it back.

Never staying still we were off again by mid morning to visit the old governors mansion. Beautifully preserved and lovely gardens. Walks were gorgeous. The governor had imported exotic animals from Australia and Africa as his hobby. There are still 4 breeds of wallabies on the Island and supposedly kookaburras and rosellas. The monkeys and zebras didn't survive.


There used to be copper mining on the island and the remains of the smelter can still be seen.