March 2014

Work finished and boat all serviced above the waterline it was time for a holiday. Took up the offer from New Zealand friends we met last year in Vanuatu to cruise the Bay of Islands out of Auckland on “P'zazz” a 46 foot Shaun Arber Catamaran.

With Heather and Steve

And our skipper Paul

We left Auckland and headed north straight to Cape Brett and the Bay of Islands

Hole in the wall

Oke Bay, Bay of Islands. Good walk ashore.

Crayfish Dinner


Early morning start cleaning the boat then off to set the longline and prepare for a dive in Deep Water Cove

No fish but 3 crays. Were 4 but one snuck out the bag while I wasn't watching

Weather was great so we headed further north to Whangaroa under spinnaker


Whangaroa is a stunning natural harbour and one of Paul's favourite places