3 months back at work with weekends spent going through the maintenance list on GL for the new season. First priority was the window repairs. 3 had started to lift and leak. Removing the windows proved a lot more difficult than we anticipated. This front window had been pushed down too hard when originally installed so we had to saw though solid gelcoat to get it off. This window took 2 days on its own to remove. Fortunately the other 2 were a lot easier


Other jobs included fully servicing both engines, sail drives and genset. Found engine exhaust elbows badly corroded so replaced both. Genset heat exchanger outflow pipe found nearly blocked explaining premature failure of genset raw water impeller. Scrubbed engine bays and polished decks. Installed new rope antenna and SWR meter for HF and found that antenna tuner wasn't working and probably never had. A big thank you to Dr John Gregory of Rope Antennas in the USA who talked me through the diagnostics and repair on SKYPE. Tested batteries and found house battery at only 40% of capacity. Researched Lithium replacement for a 120kg weight saving (more wine!). Revamped entertainment system to include streaming of all media from wireless external hard drive to IPhones, IPads and TV screen via Apple TV as required. All in all came to the conclusion that we don't have a life! We have a boat!