Monday 19th August 2013

Shopping day to restock the larder. Had planned to leave Tuesday but Gordon from “Promise” invited us to join a group bus tour around the island. Dinner on board Miami where Uté excelled again in the galley and we enjoyed another night of good conversation, great food and wine. Miami is waiting for a new stove to be shipped in from the USA so prior to dinner Joerg and I went through the mock procedure of removing the old stove and installing the new. From this we derived a list of SS bolts and spacers that would need to be sourced in Port Vila prior to the stoves arrival.

Tuesday 20th August 2013

Gordon and Joy arrived to pick us up for the bus trip. Met our fellow travellers; a lovely young couple from France, Bart and Caroline who have just started cruising after buying a boat in New Cal; Glen and Lyn, long term cruisers on a budget from UK on their lovely ketch “Steel Saphire”. Everywhere we went the locals wanted to charge us money. First stop was the Blue Lagoon. We were allowed a look for free.


Next stop was a beach where we would be charged 300Vatu each just to enjoy the beach. We all said no thanks and continued on to the Hot springs.

Where you could enjoy a mud bath followed by a hot rinse!

In the wonderfully clean, coloured water.

Even had a continuous cooking pot on the boil for us.

And an expedition to trace the source.

But the place did have elements of beauty.

We all declined anything more than a look preferring to seek something a bit less rustic to experience the healing benefits of these mineral hot springs.

The Beachcomber restaurant proved to be the spot.

The soak was followed by a more refreshing dip to cool down in the outside pool with a view.

Great lunch too.

Feeling replete after a dip and lunch we moved on and as we were feeling a bit like Tourist tightasses we agreed to pay to see the “Cave” which advertised the optional extra of a canoe trip through the underground caverns. Sounded great. But it was crap.

We moved on to the WW2 museum but even our driver agreed this was crap and not worth the money so we drove on.

On the shore of Havannah Passage we saw the “American Pool” which was used as a swimming pool by American Troops in WW2 and also to fill the water tanks of the battle fleet anchored in here. One assumes the troops kept it a little cleaner than the locals do now.

Overall it was a good day and it was good to get an overall look at Efate.

Back to GL and Miami in time for Lea and Joerg to run a few laps around Iririki Island while Uté and I enjoyed a leisurely stroll. We returned to Irririki Resort for sundowners, Kava and music by the local band playing the ” Tea Chest Bass”, “Bottles with Sticks” and ” Bamboo Pipes with Thongs”. A great way to finish our stay at Port Vila.

Wednesday 21st August 2013

Quick trip to Customs to get our forwarding papers the “Inter Island Cruising Permit”. A cruise ship was in so the port area was very crowded.Then departed Port Vila

Had a lovely sail around to Havannah Passage and found a quiet place to anchor for a nice peacefull night.


Thursday 22nd August 2013

Had a quick dinghy ride to try to find the remains of a WW2 plane but only found some bits and pieces that were unrecognisable as part of a plane.

Back to GL to pull out the dive compressor and clean the props. The compressor cut out so Lea pulled on the pipe to let me know. As I surfaced Lea yelled that the saloon was filling with smoke and she was going for the fire extinguisher. I yelled back to disconnect the leads from the battery. This solved the immediate problem. I checked everything found a connector plug had overheated so I bypassed this and tried again. Same thing happened so after disconnecting I finished the underwater work with a snorkel.

I have since redone the compressor wiring with no connectors present to overheat. Hopefully this has fixed the problem for the future. The compressor seems ok but maybe it is dying after 13 years of work.

Another quiet night in peaceful surroundings to finish our stay in Efate.