Thursday 4th July 2013

The rain finally cleared and we started making our way back toward Noumea through the blood red coloured water. As we entered Canal Woodin we heard an Australian Couple in trouble with their chartered boat calling for help. A seacock had broken off and they were flooding. Fortunately they found the emergency plugs and got the leak under control but it was interesting hearing the panicked woman on the yacht trying to talk Radio Noumea our equivalent of VMR. The language barrier made it quite difficult for both parties.

Our lovely morning sail took us up the northwest side of Ille Ouen to Baie de la Tourtue. There is a marked wreck in the bay and we were carefull to avoid it, only to find that we ended up sitting right over it. Couldn't have done it if we had tried. It was an old fishing boat and the bathescope revealed it clearly. A bit spooky really.

We went ashore and walked through the closed resort and abandoned air field and climbed the hills to the old Jade Mines.

The views over the lagoon were beautiful

Again the erosion damage subsequent to the mining activities created a stark lunar contrast to the blues and greens.

From the top of the mountain we could look down on the almost enclosed harbour on the east side of the island. Aptly named the Bay of Tranquillity.

Back to the boat to try and catch a fish seeing we were over the wreck but no luck.

Friday 5th July 2013

A pleasant Schreecher run to Illot Redika. We finally caught a fish.

Next we had to identify it

Decided it was a Purple Cod. Next dilemma is do we eat it? As a reef fish it was a Ciguatera concern but the local rule of thumb is that if it is less than the length of your forearm and fingers it is ok. It was a little larger than that so we applied the other test we had been told about and so Lea put a but of raw flesh under her tongue. The story being that if it tingles then fish is no good. No tingle so we decided to eat it. Delicious! We got 3 meals out of it and live to tell the tale!

The wind was up and the water murky so no snorkelling but we had a quick walk round the Illot then continued on to Illot Amedee which marks the pass into the Lagoon where we first arrived.

The sunset created stunning lighting.

Saturday 6th July 2013

Ashore early to explore the island before the day trippers arrived.

The lighthouse is magnificent and all steel bolted together. Made in Paris and shipped over for assembly.Must be a French thing but not Gustav Eifel this time.


We joined the day tippers for lunch and local dancing. I got dragged up to join in but fortunately the photos didn't turn out.

Interesting evening with the Frenchman on a neighbouring boat loudly and nakedly trying to have his way with his topless (and very attractive) girlfriend on deck.