Sunday 7th July 2013

Off again running under Screecher to Illot Signal. This Illot boasts the first marker for a Pass into the Lagoon.



And a Sea Eagles Nest. There are also remains of Lime Kilns.

Again there were lots of day trippers but we met up with an Aussie Boat called Misty Sea and enjoyed a drink with David who had 3 18 year old boys on board. He was heading into Noumea to pick up his wife.

Monday 8th July 2013.

Early start for a windward beat to Noumea before the wind got up. However, the rain squalls caught us and we had a gusty time of it with poor visibility. We found a good place to anchor in amongst all the other moored boats. Just after anchoring Skedaddle goes right passed us into the Marina. Again Greg had used his charm to get a berth. We dinghied in later only to find that they wouldn't give us a berth. (We had advised them we were coming on Wednesday and they didn't seem to be able to cope with our early arrival).

Anyway we caught up with Miami, Gypsy Lee, who was still waiting for good weather to head for Fiji, and Resolute (waiting for a new propellor) and Down Under. Lea and Janie had a girls afternoon while the boys went over to the Chandlery.

Tuesday 9th July 2013

Finally given a berth in the marina. Had a surprise visit from Brook, of World Cruising Charters (Brook arranged our Charters in Croatia and Turkey last year). He was here to pick up his Fountaine Pajot cat which had just finished her life as a charter boat. Brook will be sailing her back to Australia and eventually the Gippsland Lakes.

Then off to the supermarket for the first of many trips to re provision the boat. Drinks on board Skedaddle with about 20 others. Skedaddle is heading back to Australia.

Wednesday 10th July 2013

More washing and cleaning. Janie and Lea retired to the bar early for secret women's business but the boys and George and Ute joined them later for Happy Hour.

Thursday 11th July 2013

Tried to Skype dad for his birthday but not enough bandwidth. More shopping for provisions then a quiet drink aboard Miami. The marina social life can easily get out of hand. Forecast for us was good but not ideal. However, there was no favourable change in the forecast so rather than being stuck in Noumea for another week we decided to go for it with the Loyalty Islands providing a fall back position if it was too strong.


Friday 12th July 2013

Clearance Day. We are heading to Vanuatu and Skeddale is heading back to Aus on the same forecast. 8.00am start with Immigration First, then down the road to Customs and then finally to the Port Captain for our Permit to Depart. Then back to the fresh food market for final provisions. Said goodbye to all then left the marina at 2.00pm. And motored over to the fuel dock. With our clearance we could purchase fuel duty free which gave us about a 20% discount. I had been told that it was a 40% discount so we may have been ripped off. Will check with others once we get internet again.

Sails up we headed down toward Canal Woodin again tacking into a strong SE. Anchored in Baie Ire on the north of Ille Ouen inside Canal Woodin just on dark.

Saturday 13th July 2013

At 1.00am in the morning we are woken by a loud bang the a massive hissing noise. At first we thought we were holed so we rushed up on deck only to find dead calm conditions and the moonlight showing we were still in the same place. Traced the noise back down to our cabin then further forward. Opened storage looker under front bunk to find my scuba tank had blown the safety diaphragm and all the air had rushed out. Maybe I should have told David 2800psi instead of 3200psi when we filled my tank last!

Took a while to settle down after that adrenaline rush and then we were up early to catch the last of the ebb tide through Canal Woodin. We pulled into Port Boisse to wait for the tide to change before going through Havanah Pass. This was our last stop in New Cal. The forecast was giving us a brief window to get to Vanuatu but we would miss seeing the Loyalty Islands. However, if we found the wind and seas too strong we had the option of bearing away and running down to Lifou.