Saturday 13th July 2013

We left Port Boise, after our last internet hour, about with double reefed Main and Genoa. We headed out Havannah Pass into a lumpy sea with 18knts from the SE. We made quick progress and reduced Genoa to half overnight to slow down and smooth the ride as the breeze was gusting to 25knts. The sea state was surprisingly good considering the wind and we didn't get bashed around on the beam reach as much as we expected although the boat was still pretty lively. Lea had pre prepared dinner fortunately. Again the GFS Grib forecast was spot on and we covered the 210Nm in 27 hours.

Sunday 14th July 2013

Arrived at Anietyum at 1400hrs joining 3 other boats, 2 flying the Quarantine Flag and after packing up the boat we settled down with a drink and relaxed all afternoon.

Mon 15th July 2013

We watched the Customs Boat ( not the dugout canoe we were expecting) visit our nearest neighbour the came over to us. It took about an hour to fill in all the paperwork. There were 4 officials and they were all very friendly and welcoming. We then went ashore to the “Bank” to change some money and then to the Customs office to pay our clearance fees.

Enjoyed a walk through the village and met up with some Australian Archeologists from Canberra Uni researching early origins of the people of the Island. They had made some exciting discoveries of old pottery that can be dated accurately to about 2800 BC. We planned to join the group that afternoon for Kava but the weather closed in and we could not get off the boat. There is also an extensive reef around the bay so we decided navigating the dinghy in the night to and from the beach was not an option.

Tues 16th July 2013

Very windy night and day. The Archeologists were scheduled to fly out and we thought they would be stuck but the plane came in and after some delay waiting for a slight lull in the wind it took off. Suspect the passengers would need to change undies after arriving in Port Vila

Wed 17th July 2013

More bad weather but the rain washed the salt off the boat at least.

Thurs 18th July 2013

A small improvement in the weather so off to shore. Visited the local “shop” and met our Venetian neighbours Giovanni and Marina on “Eutikia” . We tried to find the hot springs but couldn't find them. Watched a bit of local soccer. The secondary school team was training for an inter island competition scheduled for next week. Met a few locals.

Friday 19th July 2013

Finally a peaceful night and a still morning. Pumped up the SUP's and paddled across to Mystery Island. The locals were getting the Island ready for a cruise ship visit. Our old friend “Carnival Spirit” was on its way. Met Gordon and Joy off “Promise” a 42 foot cat.

Bought a fish off the local fisherman. Full roast dinner on the Cobb with a loaf of bread baked after.

Saturday 20th July 2013

The “Carnival Spirit” bought more sunshine so we dressed up, packed the beach bag and went across to Mystery Island to join the throng of about 3000 people disgorged off the ship.

The market was a bit disappointing as it was mainly Chinese made crap and no local food other than coconuts. The school and kinda kids were singing to raise funds.

Met John at the Kava Bar who we had met briefly ashore a couple of days ago. We had a good chat and he agreed to organise us a guide for the waterfall walk next day as well as a proper Kava Ceremony at his home afterwards.

Baked the fish on the Cobb and another loaf of bread.

Sunday 21st July 2013

We met John ashore at 0800 and together with our new Venetian friends Giovanni and Marina walked inland to the next village where John handed us over to our guide, Elisha. He is a delightful 17 year old young man who looked after us really well during the long and difficult walk.

He shared many stories of the family and friends in between clearing the path for us, moving rocks in the river to help us cross and singing a mixture of songs from gospel to pop. Marina and Giovanni found the walk very difficult and we helped them a fair bit which slowed us down.

The walk took 8 hours return and we were all exhausted at the finish. Thankfully the Kava was not ready yet so we cancelled out with John and arranged to meet him on Mystery Island tomorrow for Kava.

Mon 22nd July 2013

The P&O Pacific Pearl arrived so we were off to Mystery Island again for Kava with John. On the Island we sought out Elisha's father to give him a couple of laminated photos we took of Elisha. He was thrilled.

Our Kava tasted like muddy water and leaves your mouth with a numb feeling. Lea didn't notice much effect but I felt a mild euphoria all afternoon. We did some laminated photos for John that he requested to advertise his Kava Bar and delivered them back to him later that arvo. We said our goodbyes as we were heading off to Tanna next day to rendezvous with Libby and Clive who were flying in from Aus.

On the way back to the boat we noted some technological advancement to the traditional dug out.