1st July 2013

We left the Bay of Ruins and headed for Bonne Anse where there is a track to the lighthouse giving views out over the Southern Lagoon towards Isle de Pins. We hoped to make it before the weather closed in but it was not to be. the clouds came in low and the wind up the top was ferocious.

Just below the Lighthouse was a new observatory complete with free telescopes to watch the whales.

The Lagoon was shrouded in mist and cloud which was a shame as the views on a clear day would be amazing.

The weather was closing in over Baie du Prony so it was back to the boat. The rain started that afternoon with strong wind gusts, torrential rain and thunderstorms.

Lea took advantage of the rain for a bath and to scrub out the dinghy. We both had showers in the rain. The rain has not let up now for 48 hours. This morning the dinghy was full of water and the bay had turned blood red with mud washed down from the erosion gullies.

We had left the bung in to collect fresh water but didn't expect quite so much. Lea got the sheets washed while we have this abundance of fresh water. It is supposed to clear tomorrow so hopefully we can dry them then. As I write this another thunderstorm is all around us and the dinghy has filled up again. The last lightening strike was a bit close so Lea left the washing to self rinse and came back inside. While the genset was charging the batteries we watched and episode of Downton Abbey to pass the time. Its going to be a long 24 hours until tomorrow, but at least the wind has died.