We left Brosse and headed for Illot Moro back to the west of Kuto.

The lagoon anchorage was beautiful but as the wind had swung to the NE we were exposed so after a brief explore of the island we retreated back to Kuto

For more R&R
And sensational sunsets

Then Gypsy Lee returned with friends aboard.

After a good night on GL we were off to the local Fair at Vao with local produce stalls together with traditional music and dancing. Lea got into the dancing spirit complete with rompa stompa hiking boots.

Next day it was off to Baie de Oro on the north eastern tip of the Island where the Meridian Resort is. Again scenery was spectacular.


Went for my first dive in many years with the crew of Gypsy Lee. 2 large sharks (well 5 feet looks big down there) were the event of the dive. Thankfully they showed no interest in us and cruised on by. Not much other fish life other than the small colourful reef fish. As with every where else in New Cal it looks like the natives keep the reefs denuded of larger edible fish. Went down as far as 16 metres and had no trouble with my ears which was a big relief and David refilled my tank after the dive, which was great.

No it wasn't a bushfire just another fabulous sunset.

Had 2 great party nights on Gypsy Lee and included an Italian Couple cruising the world on their Centurian 45 called Down Under. Marco and Alessandria were great company and did a great job communicating with their limited English as opposed to our pathetic Italian. Took Lea and the girls from Gypsy Lee back to Piscene Naturalle for another snorkel around live fish.

Yesterday we rounded the top of the Isle des Pins, negotiated two reef passes and anchored at Ilot Moenoro which required an anchoring technique new to us as the sea bed is coral pavement with a thin layer of sand. You drop the anchor and an appropriate length of chain but do not reverse. You then dive overboard and swim to the anchor, look for a depression in the sand, which is hopefully, an indication of a hole in the coral pavement. After clearing out the hole you then manoeuvre the tip of the anchor into the hole. Voila! You are now securely anchored! If the anchor jams in the hole on retrieval then you have to dive again to pull the anchor out of the hole. Not the most reassuring technique but it works.

We took dinghy into the inner Lagoon of Gadji but the wind was roughing it up so we didn't see it at its best. We discussed taking the shallow track into the Lagoon with GL but decided against it due to wind and tide.

At dusk we monitored Gypsy Lee's move down past Gadji to find safe and easy anchorage at Baie de Uamaeo after being evicted by some unfriendly natives.

Today we have moved down to Baie de Uamaeo, as well, to wait for an opportunity to tackle the tricky and dangerous inner passage back to Kuto. A walk ashore to stretch the legs and found some lemons and passionfruit seemingly growing wild along the bush tracks. All very quiet and peacefull.