Thursday 6th 2013

We had a big day planned so were up early to allow the birthday girl time to enjoy her presents. Greg and Janie had deposited a present aboard prior to us leaving Port Moselle with very creative wrapping. Turned out to be a much needed microwave rice cooker.

Together with David and Lanie off Gypsy Lee we signed up for a local tour. At 7.30am we were bused to the local village of Vao then down to Baie de St. Joseph. This bay and the protected lagoon above called Baie d'Upi are restricted areas and you must have a local guide to take you there. We boarded traditional Melanesian sailing out riggers complete with outboard motors.

Multicultural construction. Note, Spanish windlass with SS wire rope, polyester rope and some sort of glue or putty at the insertion points. We were quite impressed with the sailing ability of these rigs especially on a reach.
El Capitaine using his bulk to hide non traditional outboard motor.
Spectacular scenery as we headed up the Lagoon. Not us! The rock formations behind us!
A Sea Eagles nest with young chicks on display.

At the northern end of the Lagoon we disembarked for a 45 minute walk through the forest to Baie d'Oro and Piscene Naturelle a fantastic sheltered tidal lagoon which was like a natural aquarium.


The sun was out so we enjoyed a lovely snorkel with the fish.
We enjoyed lunch at a local restaurant then explored the area until picked up at 3.00pm by bus to return to Kuto
The 4 yachts were enjoying much calmer conditons at last.

The party got going on GL about 6.00pm with the 4 couples of the yachts in harbour.

Guess who?!!

George and Uté from Miami

Patrick and Agnes from Confiance

David and Lanie from Gypsy Lee

We then dinghied across to the local Restaurant to continue the party. We were persuaded to try the local delicacy Escargot. The garlic butter tasted great!

The meal was very nice.

It was a great night with our new best friends and finished back at GL for coffee and a nightcap. We said our goodbyes to Patrick and Agnes as they were heading across to the Loyalty Islands tomorrow. Lea thoroughly enjoyed her day and thanks to all who sent messages by email, phone and Facebook.