Saturday 1st June 2013

Another trip to the supermarket followed by the fresh food market. Got absolutely soaked waliking back in heavy rain but at least it wasn't cold.

Left after lunch into a 15 knot SE that that was actually 25 knot SE beyond the protection of the harbour. Instead of heading south as planned we turned right and headed north to Baie Maa, a nice big open anchorage well protected from the SE and headed ashore for a walk.

Sunday 2nd June 2013

Up early to catch the offshore morning breeze before the SE Trades come in Full Main and Screecher for a while making good ground back south. SE came in and we were close hauled from then on tacking out to Illot Maitre where the kite boarders were having a ball.


Held off a challenge from a flash looking Trimaran as we encountered a 20 knot rain squall. Tacked again and got lifted all the way down to the stunning scenery of Baie Uie.

Took the dinghy for a ride up the river entering the Bay from the NE corner.

We were anchored opposite a spectacular cascade running down the mountains cutting a red swath through the bight green vegetation. ( Forgot to get a photo that day and it had nearly dried up the next morning).

Monday 3rd June 2013

Motored around to the very picturesque Canal Woodin, passing this cascade an the way.

Then on into Baie de Prony.

Passed the land of Mordor. The name of the local Nickel mine.

Our first anchorage was ok complete with complimentary moorings until the wing swung to the West late morning so we moved to better more protected digs.

This was our first attempt at an ungazetted anchorage and after checking it thoroughly with all 3 depth sounders we anchored in 20 meters.(Our deepest anchorage ever). There were uninhabited shacks on the shore behind the foliage but we didn't feel comfortable enough to explore. The language barrier is making us a little timid, something we need to get over.