Thursday 30th May 2013

Not such and early start today but Lea managed to fit in cleaning the bathroom and a load of washing before we left. Heading into more urban areas today so hoping to find a restaurant lunch but packed a picnic just in case. Heading NW passed the airport and lots of modern apartment development. The land was flatter, cleared and obviously more productive. we stopped for coffee in La Foe and saw the “Marguerite Bridge” designed by Gustav Eifel. Lea calls it the “Meccanno” bridge.

La Foe was this biggest town we were passing through that day so we researched it for a lunch stop. Alas, after much gesticulative conversation with a local lady we deduced that the power was off for the day and no restaurants of patisseries were open.

Continuing our quest for a restaurant or a patisserie we went up into the hills of Farino. The scenery was beautiful.

We found “Le parc des grande fougeres” a new national park Lea had researched from home. But it was obvious Greg and Janie did their national park quota yesterday.

Lunch was the next item on the agenda but we couldn't find anywhere at all to enjoy some French or New Cal cuisine. We gave up and went to our last destination at Fort Terembo to enjoy our very basic cut lunch. Again we had the place to ourselves. The fort was built in the late 1870's to protect against native unrest and has also been a prison and a school. a great job has been done restoring it.


We were a little disappointed that the information displays were not in multiple languages as well. The history of the place was comprehensively displayed in French but we could only get fragments of it.

Back to the marina where it was still blowing and raining. Gave Greg a drubbing at online Scrabble then out for a restaurant dinner.

Friday 31st May 2013

Extra day at the marina because the weather was still foul. Rewired the AIS, Mobilert and VHF NMEA circuits to try to eliminate the gremlin. Scrabble rematch with Greg and I just managed to pip him at the post. Heading out tomorrow with improving weather. Yea!!