Wednesday 29th May 2013

Packed a picnic lunch, David, our Thrifty Car Hire man had warned us to take everything. No such thing as small town or wayside coffee shops or even restaurants once your out of Noumea heading south. Lied to Janie about start time to make sure she was up, out of bed and dressed in time.

We took the scenic route round the coast, noting that the bays just south of Noumea hosted much more upmarket, resorts, hotels and restaurants. Past Casino Royal which I had visited in 1996. No longer a Club Med resort. Onto the “Route de Sud” past Mt Dore and Plum onto Prony, past many wind generators.


Then north into more mountains, through many fords ( we now know why David checked the weather forecast before recommending our route). The landscape was green, red and rugged. Erosion and man made excavations exposes the hard red clay underlying the landscape.

Undaunted, our intrepid explorers move on. Our little Kia Rio diesel did a great job. After zoom zooming past Madeline Falls we doubled back to enter the Park. 400XPF entry although Janie was offered a pensioners discount, much to her disgust.

It was raining, again.

Philosophical perigrinations!

Lea even found some Escargot.

But continues to treat me with total disrespect.

We continued on to “Parc provincial de la riviera blue”. this is a big National Park. After lunch we ventured only to the “le Palmetum” a 30 minute walk to check out a variety of native palm trees. Both Greg and I fell on our arses on the slippery red clay path.



All this fresh air and walking, as well as a sprained knee from the fall, had tuckered Greg all out, so back to the marina. Online Scrabble with Greg, I won. Happy hour on GL with the crews off Gypsy Lee and Rhumba. Rhumba was one of the yachts we had tried to contact on the Sked with David off Gypsy Lee a few days ago. They had had a horrific crossing from Lord Howe Island. I think Rick, Glad and Daniel might now be seeing the value in good comms and GRIB files, none of which they currently have.