Back to the market to get our fresh veggies. the people are great but the language is a problem. Both Lea and Janie have worked so hard on their French but the people talk so fast it is impossible in this bustling environment. On their “girls day out” they found shop keepers happy to chat to practice their English and help the girls with their French. Numbers are the hardest but at least they can be written down or displayed on the cash register. Anyway we muddled though our fruit and veggie shopping and finished off at the fish market where I bought a large Mahi Mahi.

Off to our first island anchorage just off the mainland, Ilot Uere. The weather was calm but overcast and dull so no pictures. Cooked up the Mahi Mahi and it was sensational. Had a quiet couple of days just winding down.

Sunday 26th May

Inflated the SUP's ready for action while Lea did more stitching on the clears. Met Laine and David from Gypsy Lee. Skedaddle turned up late afternoon so we all had early drinks on GL. Joined in on David's sked to test the HF with voice. None of us got through. Dinner and scrabble with Greg and Janie.

Monday 27th May

Early morning SUP as the sun had finally come out. Greg and I went under Skedaddle and confirmed some slop in the port prop causing vibration at times. He spent the rest of the day on the phone organising a replacement prop and a haul out to install it. Bugger!! A week of very strong SE was forecast so we agreed to return to the marina and hire a car for a couple of days to explore some of the mainland.

It was a lovely day so we set sail to Illot Maitre for lunch.

The island has an up market hotel and is a kite boarding Mecca

We enjoyed a swim after our walk around the island. It was very quiet ashore. Business must be slow.

Back to the entrance of Port Moselle chased by P&O Pacific Dawn.