Thursday May 9th 2013

John was unsuccessful at catching Mud Crabs yesterday so we ended up at the local Thai Restaurant last night, which was very good.

Very calm and pleasant weather. Enjoyed more walking and socialising. Grant and Mary on Endurance came in and we had a brief drink and catch up with Grant then another good night with John and Jo.




Said our goodbyes to Jo and John from Kirra Kirra. We have really enjoyed our cruise in company for the last week.
Got a call from Skedaddle as they sailed passed Camden Haven heading for Port Macquarie for the night. Looking forward to catching up with them tomorrow at Hat Head.

Friday 10th May

Cleared the calm bar at about 7.20 am and headed off with full Main and Screecher in a 10 knot SW and clear blue skies. Pushed current all the way. Saw Skedaddle pop out of Port Macquarie at a very leisurely hour behind us. They put up their spinnaker, nicknamed “Purple Knickers” and set of in pursuit. The wind had come around behind us so we too set the Spinnaker. (Of course its a race). We still had the main up which proved a handicap with the wind dead behind and forced us to tack downwind.

We heard over the radio that the search was on for the two missing from the cruise liner so we kept a good lookout and had boats, planes and helicopters buzzing around all day.

Arrived at Hat Head and after drinks and a catch up on Skedaddle headed ashore to the local bowls club for dinner. Getting back to the boat was fun as it was pitch black and we were up the creek at the boat ramp and had to pick our way back out to sea and the boats.

Skedaddle at rest as the sun goes down at Hat Head.

Saturday 11th May

Off to Coffs Harbour. After yesturday we didnt bother with the main and went off just under Spinnaker. We hugged the shore to keep out of the current and got a couple of miles ahead of Skedaddle. We had noticed an easterly swell beginning to build but didnt think anything of it until Greg rand to warn us that a 20 knot easterly was about to hit us. Great timing as we were in the middle of a gybe at the time. So we rushed to drop the spinnaker and stuffed it up a bit but still managed to get it in the locker ok. Continued with Genoa alone and added the Screecher as wind eased again.

Shitty confused slop all the rest of the way to Coffs Harbour.


last few days has been spent relaxing, shopping and preparing for the crossing to New Caledonia. Lots of weather research and analysis. All looking good for a Friday morning departure

Lea had important stuff to do like leg waxing. Greg and I went to see the latest Star Trek movie in 3D.

Thursday 15th May

Fuelled up, gassed up, up the mast to check everything aloft; Motors checked, systems checked and double checked. Food shopping. Lea off to the farmers market for fresh food. Already laden down with booze, sorry, fine wine and beer. Chris flying in. Customs clearance arranged for this afternoon. By George I think we are organised and ready. To top it off forecast suggests we might get to visit Middleton Reef after all. Earlier in the week this didn't look like a good option.

So , the next post will be from New Cal I hope.